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Good Business or Great Business?
The Four P’s of Marketing
Your Sexiest Customer!
Customers buy because of a need, not a feature
The Sales Funnel

Good Business or Great Business?

I was talking to a client recently when he mentioned that he had been reading my posts in my blog and thought that while they were interesting he didn’t need to know all the stuff I wrote about planning, marketing, and organising people. He said he thought he was a good business man, in his words “not brilliant but I know my stuff”, because he had learned how to run his business through experience.

Now let me set the scene. Let’s call him Will.

Will is not an old business person dyed in the wool in the old ways. He’s in his early 40’s and while he struggles a little bit with tech, he uses the internet a lot to research and find new suppliers and markets. He’s not what I’d call conservative and he has run his business successfully for over 10 years.

What do I mean by “successfully”?

Well, it’s a small business that supplies raw product to manufacturers. It’s not a big market so Will keeps his small customer list happy and has only lost customers when the customers have gone out of business, never through dissatisfaction. As a small business with a small customer list Will doesn’t care about brand – he just makes sure his product is of the right quality. He was caught out once when he bought in a cheaper product but as it failed in use he withdrew it quickly. Will only employs three people, they are labourers and work part time so there’s no real need for organisation charts and detailed job descriptions, they do what he tells them to do as he needs them to do things. He calculates a more or less fixed margin to his inventory so that a percentage is attached to his purchase price – up to a point where he can decide to reduce the margin to larger customers or more popular products, which he has had to do several times when he was asked to.

And Will makes money. Over the 10 years he’s probably saved over a million.

So what’s wrong with that? That’s pretty successful huh? Read More

The Four P’s of Marketing

Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion – those are the 4 P’s. Get them right, align them properly, and you’re on a marketing winner.

In my book that’s currently available from Amazon called “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” I use each of those 4 P’s in the 7 steps of the easy to follow process.

And, I am so excited to announce, that my new and powerful marketing training course called “SMART Marketing” uses those 7 easy steps to help you create your highly focused marketing campaign so that you can get the highest possible return for your marketing efforts.

In this video I explain what the 4 P’s are, and how you need to align them so that they “push” your prospects along and convert them to buyers.

I hope you enjoyed that explanation about the 4 P’s of marketing.

Now let me share some of my excitement with you!

My new marketing training course is about to launch. It is an online based video training course with plenty of templates and worksheets for you to follow the 7 easy steps of SMART Marketing in order to create your highly focused marketing strategy. I have used my 35 years of learning and day to day experience in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses across 4 continents to synthesise an easy to follow and proven marketing planning system.

I have designed this course:-

  • As a 5 week course so that you can work on the various steps, and take the appropriate time to apply them as you go;
  • As a workshop (I call them funshops!) where I stand in front of you and guide you through the principles and exercises as if we were one on one;
  • To be full of detailed worksheets and exercises to use your knowledge about your business and put it within a system ready to apply; and
  • To be available to you at your own pace, and to keep in your online members’ area forever.

My clients have written testimonials about how the SMART Marketing system has helped them and if you want to find out more, click here.

Your Sexiest Customer!

Ooh! Who’s the sexy one then?

It’s the one that you think is your ideal customer, who also happens to think they like your product or service. That’s right, the sexy customer is also the low hanging fruit in any marketing strategy.

In my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” (available from Amazon) I talk about how to identify your real customer (maybe not who you think it is!) and ensure that you prioritise your top messages to them.

I’m also really excited to announce that my brand new, and all-powerful, marketing training course called “SMART Marketing” is about to launch – more about that later.

This video introduces one of the 7 steps that prioritises your target market into the Attractive Customer matrix, so that you can concentrate on the most attractive segments first.

I hope you got value from that video. Did it start you thinking about how you can use the Attractive Customer Matrix to get you some focus in your marketing efforts?

My new course SMART Marketing will drill down into the 7 easy to follow steps to look at identifying your real product, identifying your real customer, matching your resources to customer needs, choosing the most appropriate pricing strategy, deciding your most appropriate marketing activities, and then developing your strategic marketing campaign and implementing it. I designed the course as if it were a workshop (or “funshop” if you will) as if I were coaching you one on one, through each of the 7 steps, wth templates and worksheets that will end up being your strategic marketing plan. Click here to find out more about it!

Or, if you like, download for FREE my report on Features, Benefits and Needs, along with a FREE worksheet for you to work through in order to align your marketing messages to meet customer needs – click here.

If you want to know more about creating strategy and providing leadership, and growing your business, go to teikoh.com


Customers buy because of a need, not a feature

Hey, I’m really excited!

My brand new video training course called “SMART Marketing” is about to launch – find out more here.

It’s based on my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” available from Amazon.

The SMART Marketing system is a simple step by step process I put together to create your strategic marketing campaign. How did I do this? I used my 35 years of academic learning, and synthesised it with my 35 years of practical experience consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses one to one across 4 continents to create a system that works. Learn more about it by clicking here.

In this week’s video, I discuss the reason why customers buy something – and it’s not obvious!

Let me ask you this – if I buy a power drill, did I buy it because I needed a power drill? Well, the answer is no! The reason I bought a power drill? Well, watch the video!

I hoped you enjoyed the video and that it gave you food for thought!

If it did and you really want to drill down into the SMART Marketing system, click below to learn more about my new training course. I designed this course in a workshop format – as if I were standing in front of you doing a one to one workshop on your business. I take you through each of the 7 steps, provide you with an MBA understanding of the subject without the high-brow language, coach you in completing the worksheets and templates, and guide you to create a strategic marketing campaign that is highly focused on your ideal customer – your target market.

Click on this to learn more about this incredibly powerful marketing planning system that you can implement immediately in your business.

If you’re not ready, then at least, work more on your product’s or service’s features, benefits and how they meet customer needs. Download a free report here, provided along with a worksheet to move you from describing your product’s features to creating marketing messages that hit your customer’s hot buttons.

And if you want to get more free ideas, systems and processes to create strategy and grow your business, go to teikoh.com

The Sales Funnel

In my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” (available from Amazon) I explain what are sales funnels.

They are a critical tool in understanding the “readiness” of your customers to buy your product or service, and therefore provide you with the ability to choose the right type of marketing messages and marketing activities to suit the stages of their journey from being “interested” to being ready to buy.

I’m about to launch my brand new marketing course “SMART Marketing” and this webcast episode explaining the Sales Funnel provides an outline of the way you can use this tool. Watch the video now.

If you want to know more about this training course which you can do in your own time – and repeat every time you need to, click here for more information.

My training course “SMART Marketing” is a five week video training course on how to create highly focused marketing campaigns to ensure you target your ideal customer.

In fact, it’s more than that – it is presented in workshop (I call then “funshops”!) format, as if I were standing in front of you and leading you through each of the seven easy to follow steps. I am including plenty of worksheets (funsheets!) and templates for you to fill in while we work through the marketing campaign for your business.

If your marketing efforts are providing you with very poor ROI on your marketing spend, if your marketing is unfocused and not strategic, you really need to get this course. Click on this link here to learn more.

Okay, so you might not be ready? How about checking out this free download – a report on how you can get more customers just by making sure you can distinguish and use the features against the benefits provided by your product. Click here to download the free report and “Features, Benefits, Needs” worksheet.

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