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Your Sexiest Customer!

Ooh! Who’s the sexy one then?

It’s the one that you think is your ideal customer, who also happens to think they like your product or service. That’s right, the sexy customer is also the low hanging fruit in any marketing strategy.

In my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” (available from Amazon) I talk about how to identify your real customer (maybe not who you think it is!) and ensure that you prioritise your top messages to them.

I’m also really excited to announce that my brand new, and all-powerful, marketing training course called “SMART Marketing” is about to launch – more about that later.

This video introduces one of the 7 steps that prioritises your target market into the Attractive Customer matrix, so that you can concentrate on the most attractive segments first.

I hope you got value from that video. Did it start you thinking about how you can use the Attractive Customer Matrix to get you some focus in your marketing efforts?

My new course SMART Marketing will drill down into the 7 easy to follow steps to look at identifying your real product, identifying your real customer, matching your resources to customer needs, choosing the most appropriate pricing strategy, deciding your most appropriate marketing activities, and then developing your strategic marketing campaign and implementing it. I designed the course as if it were a workshop (or “funshop” if you will) as if I were coaching you one on one, through each of the 7 steps, wth templates and worksheets that will end up being your strategic marketing plan. Click here to find out more about it!

Or, if you like, download for FREE my report on Features, Benefits and Needs, along with a FREE worksheet for you to work through in order to align your marketing messages to meet customer needs – click here.

If you want to know more about creating strategy and providing leadership, and growing your business, go to teikoh.com


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