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Meeting Customer Expectations
Customers buy because of a need, not a feature

Meeting Customer Expectations

Let me know if this scenario is familiar to you.

You go out for a romantic dinner out with your partner or spouse. You’ve chosen a high-end French restaurant because of it’s reputation for good food, and frankly, the advertising you’ve seen about the food and the overall experience. While you haven’t really specified it, inside, you know that what a romantic meal out means romantic decor with low lights, comfortable seating and some privacy in the way it’s laid out, welcoming service when you enter and attentive service without being too pushy through the meal. Oh and, the meal should be good, or at least worth the price.

Recognise the scenario? Tell the truth, while the quality of the food is important to you, it’s not as high on the list of your needs as all the other factors surrounding the evening.

So have you ever entered into that scenario and found that when you walked in…..

  • you were ignored for what felt like a crazy 10 minutes spent fidgeting near the door
  • the lights were so darn dim that you couldn’t see in front of your face
  • the seats (when you eventually sat down) were modern hard plastic and after half an hour you just wanted to finish and get out because of your sore bum
  • and the wait staff were all over you or forgetting about you.

The food was GREAT but…..the rest of the experience killed the evening.

Does that sound familiar?

Marketing is all about emotions and expectations. Despite having a GREAT product, you still need to meet all the customer’s expectations caused by your marketing.

This week I am going through what it takes to meet your customers’ expectations.



So, think about that. You need to set up your business to meet all of your customers’ needs:-

  • It’s not just about a great product
  • How do you provide that product to them?
  • What about after-sales service, is it what they want?
  • Is the price what they expect?
  • What about the way you package the sale, either of a tangible product, or of an online product, or even of a service – what comes with it, all wrapped up?
  • Have you trained your staff to give the perfect experience?
  • What about your internal systems and procedures, do they support giving your customer what they want?

In my SMART Marketing program, step 3 is all about setting up your business to match customer expectations. If you don’t do that then all the benefits of your product will not be appreciated. Click here to check out my SMART Marketing online training and workshop to guide you through the creation of your targeted marketing plan, and collect three free gifts along the way!

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Customers buy because of a need, not a feature

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I hoped you enjoyed the video and that it gave you food for thought!

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