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The Value Of Having A Marketing Plan
10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 3
10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 2
10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 1
How To Pander To Your Customers’ Guilty Pleasures

The Value Of Having A Marketing Plan

I have designed an online training course – in the form of a real-time workshop – about how to prepare a Marketing Plan for your business.

I created that course because I’m really passionate about showing small business owners how easy it is to professionally market your business in accordance with an actionable plan that they can write themselves.

In my 35 plus years of experience working with small businesses, I have found that less than 10% have a Marketing Plan. Yet, of those that do, well over 75% have met their marketing objectives and growth targets.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, I know what’s stopping you.

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10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 3

Welcome to the final chapter of the series on 10 FAQ’s of marketing.

In the previous two weeks I dealt with the top four FAQ’s on Marketing, and then the next three FAQ’s last week.

This week, I will finish by looking at the last three FAQ’s on marketing, and then take you through the SMART Marketing system of 7 steps to write your own, highly focused, marketing plan.

Let’s start with the last three FAQ’s of marketing.

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10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 2

Hi there! This is part 2 of the 10 most asked questions about marketing.

I dealt with the top four questions last week. This week I will look at another three, and then in part 3 next week I will look at the last three as well as give you a 7 step process to create your own targeted marketing plan.

Here are the next three most common questions about marketing.

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10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 1

I have been getting a lot of inquiries about marketing – where to start, what to do, and so on.

So, I thought I’d put together the top 10 questions about marketing that I get and discuss them over a three-part series. I’m going to deal with the top 4 questions this week, and continue next week with the next three. In week three I will deal with the final 3 and give you a simple process to create your targeted marketing plan.

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How To Pander To Your Customers’ Guilty Pleasures


A fine wine?

A good, tear-jerking rom-com?

We all have our guilty pleasures! We all harbour secret desires that we don’t always voice out loud because they’re too embarrassing or perhaps seem unrealistic.

Well your customers have them too, and they form the real deep-down basis of why they buy things. They want to be rich, famous, acknowledged, happy, sexy, buffed, clever, thin – so they buy products that will make them feel that way and outwardly say logical things like “I love that brand of dress because they are so well made.” What they really mean is “that dress hugs my curves and makes me feel great!”

What are your customers’ guilty pleasures?



Remember, people don’t buy because of what your product is made of – they buy because of the way they feel about it. So

  • Understand what they want and how else they get to feel that emotion?
  • How does your product give them that experience?
  • Clarify your message to tell them exactly how to get that feeling
  • Place those messages and the product exactly where they go to get that feeling.

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