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Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
Your Sexiest Customer!
Customers buy because of a need, not a feature

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

If you try to sell to everyone you will sell to no-one.

This is because your message, in trying to appeal to everyone, appeals to no-one because it is diluted by too many generalities and too many confusing messages.

It is a busy world out there with every business and competitor trying to grab the attention of customers. You need to stand out by appealing directly to your customer’s needs. This means that you need to understand d exactly who is best suited to be your customer – your Ideal Customer.

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Your Sexiest Customer!

Ooh! Who’s the sexy one then?

It’s the one that you think is your ideal customer, who also happens to think they like your product or service. That’s right, the sexy customer is also the low hanging fruit in any marketing strategy.

In my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” (available from Amazon) I talk about how to identify your real customer (maybe not who you think it is!) and ensure that you prioritise your top messages to them.

I’m also really excited to announce that my brand new, and all-powerful, marketing training course called “SMART Marketing” is about to launch – more about that later.

This video introduces one of the 7 steps that prioritises your target market into the Attractive Customer matrix, so that you can concentrate on the most attractive segments first.

I hope you got value from that video. Did it start you thinking about how you can use the Attractive Customer Matrix to get you some focus in your marketing efforts?

My new course SMART Marketing will drill down into the 7 easy to follow steps to look at identifying your real product, identifying your real customer, matching your resources to customer needs, choosing the most appropriate pricing strategy, deciding your most appropriate marketing activities, and then developing your strategic marketing campaign and implementing it. I designed the course as if it were a workshop (or “funshop” if you will) as if I were coaching you one on one, through each of the 7 steps, wth templates and worksheets that will end up being your strategic marketing plan. Click here to find out more about it!

Or, if you like, download for FREE my report on Features, Benefits and Needs, along with a FREE worksheet for you to work through in order to align your marketing messages to meet customer needs – click here.

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Customers buy because of a need, not a feature

Hey, I’m really excited!

My brand new video training course called “SMART Marketing” is about to launch – find out more here.

It’s based on my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” available from Amazon.

The SMART Marketing system is a simple step by step process I put together to create your strategic marketing campaign. How did I do this? I used my 35 years of academic learning, and synthesised it with my 35 years of practical experience consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses one to one across 4 continents to create a system that works. Learn more about it by clicking here.

In this week’s video, I discuss the reason why customers buy something – and it’s not obvious!

Let me ask you this – if I buy a power drill, did I buy it because I needed a power drill? Well, the answer is no! The reason I bought a power drill? Well, watch the video!

I hoped you enjoyed the video and that it gave you food for thought!

If it did and you really want to drill down into the SMART Marketing system, click below to learn more about my new training course. I designed this course in a workshop format – as if I were standing in front of you doing a one to one workshop on your business. I take you through each of the 7 steps, provide you with an MBA understanding of the subject without the high-brow language, coach you in completing the worksheets and templates, and guide you to create a strategic marketing campaign that is highly focused on your ideal customer – your target market.

Click on this to learn more about this incredibly powerful marketing planning system that you can implement immediately in your business.

If you’re not ready, then at least, work more on your product’s or service’s features, benefits and how they meet customer needs. Download a free report here, provided along with a worksheet to move you from describing your product’s features to creating marketing messages that hit your customer’s hot buttons.

And if you want to get more free ideas, systems and processes to create strategy and grow your business, go to teikoh.com

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