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My name is Teik Oh, business consultant, executive coach, business blogger, author, keynote speaker, and small business owner myself.

What do you get here?

I started teikoh.com in 2008 to create an online one-stop resource for small business owners driven by a Big Vision for their business and their lives, but frustrated by lack of time and systems to grow as fast as they envision. My blog started providing tips, ideas, systems and processes to help small business owners. These translated complex and proven Business School concepts into “start from scratch” step by step methods to improve their businesses and their lives by creating better strategies, providing leadership in whatever they did, and growing their profits.

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From 2015 I started to offer online business courses aimed at the time-poor small business owner, to improve every aspect of their business from startup, to planning, to marketing, to implementing systems and procedures, and to leading their teams.

In the courses offered by teikoh.com you’ll find online training that you can follow in your own time, and immediately implement in your business. Through the training I show you how:-

  • To understand key success factors of your business and set them up to align with your Vision;
  • To plan every aspect of your business so that you have clear strategies in every scenario;
  • To grow markets, sales and your profits;
  • To make every process in your business efficient and find more time in your day; and
  • To get your work-life integration right so that you can create the life you strive for.

So who am I to do all this for you?

I started working as a Chartered Accountant in England (US = CPA) in 1979 and since then have been helping small business entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, the United States, Asia and Australia.

In the early years of my business career I worked for international management consulting firms across the world before I started my own business in 1991, focusing on entrepreneurs who have a passionate dream about their businesses but need the help to merge best business practice with their passion and vision. Now, my bricks-and-mortar consulting company OTS Management (“Advice From Outside The Square”) turns over 7-figure sales every year providing solutions to over 300 clients a year.

I believe in giving great value in whatever I do. I love teaching what I know and sharing my experience. In all my offerings, whether free advice in a blog post or in my training courses, I believe in good design that makes complex business concepts easy to understand and entertaining to learn.

I believe in the passion and knowledge that entrepreneurs have in their own business and I believe that my role is to offer proven business systems and concepts that busy entrepreneurs like you can use to slot in their own knowledge about their business. It’s time to grow your business in the way you want to, by using proven step by step systems.

I also believe in the value that entrepreneurs bring to the world, including through social enterprises that encourage social inclusion amongst the forgotten. To that purpose I still spend great amounts of my pro-bono time working for and with Aboriginal social enterprises in Northern Australia and support them in any way I can.

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You want another reason?

I have synthesised over 35 years of successful business experience and just as many years of academic learning and research on how to start, build and grow a successful and profitable business. This synthesis has resulted in step by step processes that will help any passionate small business owner achieve their Vision. I now offer this distilled knowledge in the form of free information through my blog posts, and through my books and training programs.

Why should you want to go through all the trauma that I and thousands of other small business owners have been through by trying to research by yourself? Are you a glutton for punishment?

Why don’t you grab the opportunity that teikoh.com gives you to learn from all our experiences of what works and what doesn’t work?

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