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A Challenge in Customer Fulfilment
Three Reasons Why Leadership Grows Your Business
7 Key Skills of Business Leadership
5 Ways To Use Your “Why” To Empower Your People
Can You Spin Your Elevator Speech?

A Challenge in Customer Fulfilment

Customer Fulfillment usually refers to the process of delivering the product or service to the customer, involving “order fulfilment” methods such as logistics.

However, when I say customer fulfilment, I mean the whole system of ensuring that your customer is “fulfilled” in their engagement with you.

In other words, how fulfilled are they when they first encountered you, how easy was it to transact with you, whether they received their goods and services in the way and time that they liked, and what was their experience after the sale?

I take customer fulfilment to be much more than “customer service”.

It’s about total satisfaction.

In this definition, customer fulfilment is one of the six key factors that successful businesses must have to be successful.

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Three Reasons Why Leadership Grows Your Business

As a small business owner, you may be up to your armpits in fixing a bushfire or working after hours keeping up with the bookkeeping.

You hear about people saying that a business needs leadership to guide it to success and maybe you think that’s fine for some but in the real world, it’s pretty much BS!

Where have you got the time?

And anyway you own and run a small business. At best you only have a handful of people working for you and they seem to be doing what they’re told!

Well, let me take a few minutes of your time and show you why Leadership will help you grow your business into the successful business you want – that successful business you dream about but maybe don’t really think you can build.

I’ll give you three reasons why Leadership grows your business.

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7 Key Skills of Business Leadership

Let’s get down to brass tacks – as a small business owner, you are not a “manager” who organises work. You have to be a business leader, who inspires, sets agendas, and creates opportunities.

What you need to successfully grow a business today are leadership skills. You probably started your business as a subject-matter expert with those specialist skills that made you produce your product or services.

But as your business grew, and you took on employees, the role of the small business owner has to shift from “do-er” to “leader,” from specialist subject-matter expert to generalist, and from problem solver to agenda setter. You need to create strategies that find opportunities, and the transition is not easy for people who became specialists and subject-matter experts by working for someone else.

So, what are the key skills you need to be a business leader?

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5 Ways To Use Your “Why” To Empower Your People

No matter what kind of business you are in, you are already in the People Business.

In today’s world, businesses can no longer afford to see staff as “assets” or “resources.” Even the language of business is shifting so that employees and teams are seen first as individuals and people, rather than simply resources to be mobilised. Research has shown time and time again that happier employees translate their experience to gain happier customers, and happier customers mean more sales.

Research has also shown that one of the major reasons that employees perform better, is if they are united by a common purpose. That, not only do they know what they are selling – everyone knows that – they really know why they are selling what they are selling. This is the purpose of your business – the “why” of your very existence.

So, assuming you have worked on your business vision and purpose – your “why” – and been able to translate this for your people, how do you make your small business a truly purpose-led people-business?

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Can You Spin Your Elevator Speech?

We all know what is an elevator speech, right?

In fact, if you go to teikoh.com and scroll through the blog archives you’ll see that I’ve even made a video showing you how to structure your elevator speech and how to say it.

The premise is simple, you’re in an elevator with a prospect and in the two minutes you are in there for the ride, you need to be able to quickly introduce yourself, explain what you do, and entice him with what you could do for them. The idea is that in your elevator speech you pack enough of your unique selling proposition to be able to make them sit up and ask you for your business card.

But really, how’s that working out for you?

The averages say that about 20% of the people you are able to say an elevator speech to, actually show an interest and of these maybe 20% do actually follow up.

So, your elevator speech itself has to be quite unique – to make them really go: “Huh? Tell me more!”

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