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Small Business Building Blocks – Marketing
Small Business in COVID-19: Marketing During COVID-19
How The Right Marketing Message Creates Impact
What Your Customers Love About Benefits
How Properly Focused Marketing Can Change Your Business

Small Business Building Blocks – Marketing

I have spent 40 years working with small business owners in the UK, the US, South East Asia, and Australia.

If there is one thing I have learned about growing a small business is that, anywhere you are, a successful small business owner needs to develop six things within their business.

They may have started with an idea or a skill, but ultimately what sets a successful small business owner apart from an unsuccessful one is that they learn to develop these six factors over and above any idea or skill.

I call them The Six Business Success Factors (and further below you can download my free Guide on how you can follow a roadmap to develop yours).

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Small Business in COVID-19: Marketing During COVID-19

Last week I wrote about four strategies to employ during the current pandemic crisis to keep your business going.

This week I wanted to talk about how you can still continue marketing during the crisis.

First of all, let’s get this straight – I have heard a lot of people say that they feel awkward marketing during the crisis because they feel everyone is in the same boat.

That’s only half true – everyone is in the same boat, but why does that equate to not doing business?

So, let’s look at how you can still conduct your marketing even during the lockdown.

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How The Right Marketing Message Creates Impact

Tell me which of these messages appeal to you if you were the victim of an accident?

“Injured in an accident? Call us now to get the money you deserve.”


“We have 30 years’ experience and training in making compensation claims for you.”

You can tell that both messages are about the services that a compensation lawyer can provide you. Yet, chances are the first catches your eye and the second, well, it tells you what they do.

Here’s another pair talking about a restaurant:

“Eat a happy Italian meal with friends,” or

“We serve excellent Italian food.”

Again, the first makes an impact on your emotions and the second tells you what you get – but aren’t you immediately attracted to the first?

It’s a busy, noisy world out there and your marketing messages need to grab attention immediately with impact. You cannot afford to be scrolled past or strolled past.

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What Your Customers Love About Benefits

I’m going to ask you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, whether it is a service or a physical product. Whether you are selling it from a shop or office, or online. I want you to forget what you know about what you are selling and look at it from your customer’s eyes.

What do they see?

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How Properly Focused Marketing Can Change Your Business

I don’t know any small business owner who truly says that they have too much work.

Even if they are at the upward gradient of their growth phase, more is always better, and especially when they start to peak or plateau, more is definitely better.

Yet, not many small business owners think about their marketing in any serious, consistent manner. Often, their growth is through a number of factors such as excellent service resulting in referrals, unique products or services filling a vacuum, a market devoid of good competition, even luck.

From time to time, they may find themselves in a quiet period so they “do some marketing” by calling clients they haven’t heard from in a while, putting an advertisement in the newspaper or a trade journal, advertise a “sale”, or send out leaflets. Then, for whatever reason (other than by accident such disparate and inconsistent marketing is working) the business picks up again, and the need for marketing is forgotten.

The problem with this inconsistency is that you are not in control, and in business, you should always try to be in control of your own destiny, especially at the front end of being able to control your income.

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