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Are Your Short Term Goals Aimed At Long Term Objectives?
From Vision To Strategy
Make Your Vision Real
From Resolutions To Goals
New Year, New Business Plan

Are Your Short Term Goals Aimed At Long Term Objectives?

Not many small businesses have prepared a business plan.

How can anyone risk their savings and their dreams to open the doors of their new business without a plan?

Don’t get me started! You wouldn’t go grocery shopping without some sort of plan – the shops you need to go to, the route to them in the right order, preparing a shopping list and taking it with you, making sure you have enough fuel in the car, working out where you will park.

Yet many people start or run a business without any plan at all – and a to-do list does not constitute a plan by which you should risk your thousands of dollars!

Now if you do have a business plan, good on you! It means you are taking this seriously, as you should!

But let me ask you this – are the goals that you have listed long-term goals or short-term goals? Read More

From Vision To Strategy

Last week I gave you a system to make your vision statement come alive and become a day-to-day measure of what you do, what decisions you make, and where you go from the now to the future.

If you haven’t seen that lesson on how to make your vision real, then go back to and search for the article and video lesson published on 29th January 2019. Go now, then come back here!

In that lesson, I talked about the four perspectives by which you should define your vision, making it real by describing exactly what your business will be like from these four perspectives, and therefore using them as measures on achieving your vision as well as guides on your day to day behaviours and decisions. Now, let’s dive deep into those four perspectives to see how you should use them to define where you want to go and how to get there.

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Make Your Vision Real

If you have been following my articles, you will certainly have heard me talk about the value of business planning for your business.

Yet you may have been put off preparing your own business plan because you think it’s too hard. Perhaps you think you can’t spare the time, or you think you may have to hire a consultant?

Or is it because you can’t see how a dry document can be brought to life for you to implement it?

What if I told you how easy it is to write your business plan and the key to making it a live document? Read More

From Resolutions To Goals

Have you made some New Year resolutions this year? It’s only been a few weeks so I hope you’ve been thinking about how to make them come true.

Will you go for it this year? Or will the enthusiasm die out by March?

While a few harmless New Year resolutions not being achieved may be a bit of harmless fun, any decisions about what you want to implement in your business could be quite critical to the growth of your business this year. I almost always resolve to do more exercise and when I tail off the daily run come March or April, sure, I’m not as healthy as I could be but that’s about it. Whereas if you fail to implement something in your business effectively, it could mean staying stagnant or growing your business into your vision.

So how do you go from deciding to do something about your business, to actually getting it done? Read More

New Year, New Business Plan

Happy New Year!

It’s a great time of the year to have some quiet time, recharge your batteries, have a rest and get yourself ready to take off in the new year.

At the same time, this piece of quiet and peace is also a great time to make some New Year Resolutions about your business and make some plans – a great time to write your business [plan for the year ahead!

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