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"His strategic planning and change management ideas are well constructed and often adaptable to flexible circumstances. I would recommend Teik to any business looking for strategic business and management advice"
Kim Ivey, Managing Director, Vertex Capital

"It was delightful to work with Teik. It was a superb experience and we benefited from excellent facilitation from Teik."
Gerry Higgins, CEO at Community Enterprise in Scotland

"Teik is meticulous yet never loses sight of the business objective."
ThiamHee Tan, Chairman, GPS Alliance Holdings Limited

"I highly recommend Teik."
Joe Morrison, CEO Northern Land Council

"Teik is a highly experienced professional in the art of improving organizations. His insights into leadership, strategy and change are invaluable."
Lawrence Polsky, owner, People NRG

"Teik is a visionary and it was a great privilege to have worked with him."
Celeste Chong, Accounting Manager at Audi Australia Pty Ltd

"In my opinion Teik Oh is the No 1 in his field…always full of ideas and enthusiasm but also a solid and reliable person to turn to for advice."
Peter Botsman, Honorary Fellow at University of Melbourne

"Teik is an individual with excellent communication skills and capabilities that provides him with the ability to excel in the delivery of his services."
Peter Yu, Director, Yawuru Native Title Holders PBC

"For many years Teik has provided strategic advice to us on every aspect of our businesses. His specialised knowledge has always been invaluable to us and he has an intricate and complete understanding of the way in which we work, this coupled with his innate intuition and expertise allows our business activities to flourish."
Roger Bryer, owner Conquest Corporate Group

"Teik takes a whole of business perspective and works with you to ensure actionability and positive outcomes. His standout qualities are his expertise, personal rapport and his preparedness to go the extra mile."
David Kent, CEO The Right Group

"Teik is a highly skilled Consultant with expertise ranging from Strategic Planning, organisational change and leading businesses at a strategic level."
Julie Melbourne, Manager Land and Sea Unit, Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited
"Teik is a highly competent and dedicated business consultant with a fine eye for detail and a great deal of people skills."
Jacqui Watt, Professional trainer and coach
"I can unhesitatingly recommend Teik to any individual or organisation seeking to engage his services.Teik's professional abilities and capacities and his personal qualities are of the highest character and integrity."
Ted de Rosa, Chartered Accountant
Teik is a fantastic business advisor who presents as very professional, and with great results.
Eli Abitbol, owner, Existco Pty Ltd
"Teik's work is of a high standard and he comes with integrity and vast knowledge and experience. Teik brings a creative mind and offers value for money."
Geoff Barker, Owner PM+D Architects
"Teik is a fantastic person to have working for you offering an understanding of your needs and being able to efficiently and effectively deliver on those requirements."
Dot West, independent film producer
"I would strongly recommend Teik to my clients."
Bruce Stone, owner, Bruce Stone Financial Planning
"Teik has demonstrated to me that he has a great ability to take complex problems, clearly identify crucial of issues and develop innovative solutions. He has demonstrated not only substantial professional knowledge, but also a very amiable and empathetic approach."
Barry Louvel, Regional Manager, West Kimberley Region of Department of Indigenous Affairs
"Teik is of the highest integrity and professional standards. I have no hesitation in recommending his services."
Robert Parker, Chartered Accountant
"Teik has provided my business with services for over four years now. He has always shown a sympathetic understanding of the business environment that I operate in and an interest in where my business was heading."
Edgar Price, owner Edgar Price & Associates
"Teik applies his experiences as a business owner and profession as an accountant to work with SME's to create and implement user friendly and understandable business/strategic plans."
Amanda Moore, Chartered Accountant
"He has provided accurate, detailed and considered advice in a reliable and professional manner."
John Kempe, VP Business Development and Strategy at Technip
"I have found his advice and detailed work unfailingly expert and accurate, and excellent value."
Richard Krasnoff, Adjunct Research Fellow at University of Western Australia/Curtin University Centre for Exploration Targeting
"Teik is outstanding at what he does. Each time, he has shown a detailed understanding of the subject he is dealing with, a detailed understanding of our needs and the environment that we work in, and is always helpful in assisting us to develop ideas and solutions that meet our needs. I would highly recommend him to other companies."
Jodie Bell, CEO Goolarri Media Enterrpises
"Teik is an independent thinker with great depth of knowledge and most importantly high ethical and moral standards. I highly recommend Teik as an all round Business adviser."
David Rogers, Managing Director and owner, The Westminster Group
"Teik is a professional and reliable consultant that undertakes work with pride and desire to provide a polished and user friendly product."
Neil Fong, CEO South West Aboriginal Medical Service
"Teik provided excellent business advice and guidance. I highly recommend Teik!"
Neil Gibson, Director, CVW Creative
"Teik Oh brings a refreshingly pragmatic approach to business planning and consulting. He cuts through the distractions of whatever is the latest “management speak” so that the focus is firmly on delivering the best outcomes and profit. He targets outcomes and is cognisant of his client’s personal goals."
Geoffrey Harris, Director at Harris Recruitment
"He has fully equipped mewith the information that I require to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. I would have no hesitation in recommending Teik to any organisation that values enterprising and innovative thinking."
Alison Gee-Woolhouse, owner, Gee-Woolhouse Recruitment
"Teik has helped me and my small company immensely."
Mike Turner, owner, Turner Mining and Geotechnical


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