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Get Your Team Motivated!
5 Steps to Create Your Small Business Brand
Sell Your Expertise
Deliver Your Best Elevator Speech
Be Responsive to Your Customers

Get Your Team Motivated!

Running a business as an entrepreneur – even if you’re a “sole-preneur” – involves working with others at some stage.

You either have to work with employees, or with contractors, VA’s, or others helping you to deliver your product or service and to serve your customer. You need to have them committed to your purpose and principles in order for you to provide the kind of quality and service that you want to provide to your customer. Believe me, if their heart isn’t in it, your customer will “feel” the lack of commitment. It will show in your turnaround times, in the design of your product or service, and in the overall culture in the workplace.

So, if your team seems to lack motivation, what can you do?

Well it starts with you, as the leader. You need to be absolutely clear about your business vision and purpose – the “why” of your being in business.

Then, I believe you can use three actions to motivate your team:-

  1. Align
  2. Build Trust
  3. Be consistent and deliberate.

Watch this video about how to put these actions into place.

Many studies have shown an engaged team out-produces an unengaged team. You need to bring people with you on your exciting journey and all it takes is a few simple, but deliberate and consistent steps.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments on the blog – get over to teikoh.com and post your comments. What have you done to motivate your team? What results have you seen?

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5 Steps to Create Your Small Business Brand

“I’d like to create a brand that speaks about me.”

“I need someone from Fiverr to design me a brand.”

“I know what I do but I wonder how to turn that into a brand?”

You’ve probably heard similar remarks. “Your brand” is talked a lot about these days, especially in a world where online commerce and the micro not-location-specific online business is gaining such momentum. But what is your “brand”?

Let me say right up that your brand is not your logo. Coca-Cola is not about the logo or even the shape of the bottle. It includes all you feel when you think about Coke – fun, young, outdoors. Apple is not about the backlit macintosh apple with a bite out of it, it is all that it entails – design quality, Steve Jobs, the whole ecosphere of physical and software design surrounding tech. Read More

Sell Your Expertise

I am an expert in my field.

Sounds a bit confident eh?

Well, yes, and I am confident in my ability because I know that I have learned my craft in nearly 40 years of working; learned from university and formal learning, from experience, from failing, from succeeding, and I know, again from experience, that what I do to help businesses work because those businesses succeed.

How do I use my expertise? I sell my expertise and its fun because I get paid for doing something I love. If you are an “expert” you can become more valuable in your job, or add value to your business, or stride out and make a career change.

How can you use your expertise? Believe me you are an expert in something because you too have learning and experience behind you. But how do you become an “expert” or more to the point how do you become perceived as an expert so that you can create value with your expertise? Read More

Deliver Your Best Elevator Speech

In the last couple of weeks, I provided you with training on how to apply the 7 easy steps in the SMART Marketing system to get more sales. If you haven’t seen that video training, go to my website here and catch up!

Now, no matter how good your campaign plans are, at some stage, you will need to meet potential customers face to face.

Have you ever been in a situation where you meet someone and you try to tell them about yourself, or your company, or your product – or all three – and end up tongue-tied or filibustering and telling them nothing that sold what you wanted to sell? Of course you have, we all have!

What you need is your best elevator speech. What’s an elevator speech?

It is a speech you can give within a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, maybe to a full minute. It has to be short, it has to be punchy, but in it, you have to deliver your message about why you are the one.

Well, here’s a guaranteed formula for you to write and deliver that elevator speech! Watch the video and then come back to discuss the formula.

So as usual the fun starts after the training and you can discuss what you learned and add any thought! Go to my website teikoh.com and leave your comments.

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Be Responsive to Your Customers

You’ve heard of the old adage “the customer is always right.”

Well, not always, or at least, not literally, but that’s the subject of another tale which I will tell you about later – how to tell them they are wrong, and still keep them as a customer.

However what the old adage does highlight is how important it is to listen to your customers so that you are on top of all kinds of feedback – good and bad – and be ready to respond.

Really great businesses have really great customer responsiveness. They know what their customers want and provide it to them, they understand customer frustration and provide solutions quickly.

Is your business responsive to your customers? Read More

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