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Need Money?
Your Business Health Check
Be Responsive to Your Customers
From Goals to Objectives to Strategies

Need Money?

At some stage, every business will need additional funds. Ideally, this comes at a time when you have already generated funds salted away from past profits, but from time to time, you may need the extra money to “prime the pump” and make more money.

Here are eight options to source an injection of funds.

It is important to note that they are not in any natural order of preference – the circumstances must meet the potential source, and you do have to weigh the pros and cons of each option, in accordance with what you need the money for, how long you will need it, and what you are prepared to give away for it. Read More

Your Business Health Check

It’s still early in the new year, and I’ll bet one of your New Year resolutions was something to do with health – exercise more, eat better, diet, go to see your doctor for a health check?

Well I don’t know how well you have been keeping to your resolutions nearly three weeks into the new year, but why don’t you check your business in for a health check?

The website teikoh.com has free resources available for download and these include health checks or “audits” for your business. It would not be a waste of time to spend an hour or two going through these for your business. When I conduct these for my clients, I charge up to $2,000 a session. True, this come with my personal 30 years’ experience in business and my interpretation of diagnosis and medication, but you can at least spend some time to look over your own business to see what areas you will need to work on in 2016. Read More

Be Responsive to Your Customers

You’ve heard of the old adage “the customer is always right.”

Well, not always, or at least, not literally, but that’s the subject of another tale which I will tell you about later – how to tell them they are wrong, and still keep them as a customer.

However what the old adage does highlight is how important it is to listen to your customers so that you are on top of all kinds of feedback – good and bad – and be ready to respond.

Really great businesses have really great customer responsiveness. They know what their customers want and provide it to them, they understand customer frustration and provide solutions quickly.

Is your business responsive to your customers? Read More

From Goals to Objectives to Strategies

Well it’s the start of a new year!

I hope you have had a refreshing break, recharged your batteries, and are ready to come afresh to building the business of your dreams!

It’s a great opportunity, in this season of New Year’s resolutions, to review your goals and make some plans for the coming year. Here’s a quick four-step approach to put together a no nonsense “business plan” for 2016 simply using a series of questions to focus your thinking. Read More

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