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So, How Are Your 2016 Resolutions Going?
Five Steps to Establish your Startup
How to prioritise your time
Sell Your Expertise
Some basic numbers you need to know about your business

So, How Are Your 2016 Resolutions Going?

You have to admit, I’ve given you a chance! I haven’t asked you about your New Year resolutions until now so you have to agree I’ve given you a good head start, right?

So, how are your New Year resolutions going? Are you ticking them off? Or like many others have they fallen off the cliff after 2 or 3 months (or should I say weeks)?

If you have been working on them, and you are on track – hey, congratulations! You are amongst that elite group who pick out what’s important and focus on the end. You follow through!

As for the rest of you, don’t feel bad. You haven’t failed! All that’s happened is that you now realise you don’t have a system to follow through. So, don’t give up, if your resolutions or goals are that important to you, keep trying.

But this time, arm yourself with a winning formula for following through.

In this video I’m providing training on the formula for following through on your resolutions and goals.

Here’s a tweetable that comes out of the training for you – Hit your goals everytime by keying in on key goals @OhTeik


  1. Fewer (but key) goals
  2. Make real written plans with deadlines and resources
  3. Commit – believe you need to do this and you can do this
  4. Review regularly – set yourself up to succeed
  5. Don’t forget to celebrate every win!

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Five Steps to Establish your Startup

Have you just commenced a startup business? That is, a brand new business rather than one you inherited or bought; a business you started from scratch using your craft or from a new idea, or a business based on a product you invented?

To a large extent, all startups of any kind of business in any kind of industry are the same. They have one, or at most, 2 key individuals with the idea and the drive, full of enthusiasm and energy, probably not many staff if at all, and most of them family and friends. Typically, you would have shuffled together some (but not enough!) working capital, leased new premises and bought new equipment. The sense of newness is exciting and the startup begins breaking through walls.

In time, it finds its market and settles down. The passion and excitement may still be there but there is no longer a sense of newness, things start to feel normal and the days are spent doing pretty regular things.

If you have survived this phase, typically over the first year, celebrate!

But don’t get settled because most startups close their doors within 2 years, mainly because after the gains at startup, they fail to establish a sustainable business.

So, if you are in that position, what do you need to do to establish your startup? Read More

How to prioritise your time

Do you find that time gets away from you? Of course you do, we all do.

It’s funny that the only one thing in our lives that you can neither lose nor get more of seems so scarce for some and so plentiful for others. Everyone has a 24 hour day, yet some people seem to get things done while others “run out of time”!

One of the causes is the infamous to-do list. If yours is as long as mine, you know you need a system to get it in order.

But seriously, if you look at your to-do list closely, I wonder how many items there are actually expectations on your time by others? On the flip side, I wonder how many of the hundreds of items on your list are things that will truly make you happy, really move you closer to your goals in life and business?

Well, it’s time to get your to-do list in order.

The system is to look at each item and ask how important it really is? How urgent is it? This video provides you with the training to apply a system to get the time that you have in line with where you want to go.

So what do you think? Get over to my website teikoh.com and comment on the training.

No matter how overwhelmed you are, taking a few minutes each day to ask if something is important or urgent gives you control back over your own life.

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Sell Your Expertise

I am an expert in my field.

Sounds a bit confident eh?

Well, yes, and I am confident in my ability because I know that I have learned my craft in nearly 40 years of working; learned from university and formal learning, from experience, from failing, from succeeding, and I know, again from experience, that what I do to help businesses work because those businesses succeed.

How do I use my expertise? I sell my expertise and its fun because I get paid for doing something I love. If you are an “expert” you can become more valuable in your job, or add value to your business, or stride out and make a career change.

How can you use your expertise? Believe me you are an expert in something because you too have learning and experience behind you. But how do you become an “expert” or more to the point how do you become perceived as an expert so that you can create value with your expertise? Read More

Some basic numbers you need to know about your business

I have provided my followers with loads of free ideas and tools about how to create great strategy in your business, how to develop your leadership skills, and how to grow your business and your life.

But despite all the planning and marketing – being in business boils down to one thing: making sure that you make a profit that’s good enough to meet your goals.

So, here’s a training video on financial management.

Stop right there! Do not click on the “delete” button!

This is important. You cannot subcontract knowledge about your financial performance to an accountant. You have the skin in the game, and it is your duty to your better future that you know something about the numbers that tell you about how your business is performing. It’s not just about the net profit, or how much money is in your pocket.

If you want to grow your business, you need to know the relationships behind your income statement and your balance sheet.

This 20 minute training video introduces you to some key numbers – sure, you don’t have to keep your own books to get those numbers, but you do need to understand what they mean.

Watch out for some free gifts to subscribers of teikoh.com coming out soon. One of them will be about financial performance management.

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