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6 Key Must-Haves In Your Business
4 Small Changes To Reinvigorate Yourself As A Small Business Owner
Small Business Owners Need To Get Past Their Comfort Zones
Are You Too Busy To Read This?
How to define your “why”?

6 Key Must-Haves In Your Business

When you are starting a business, or even as you grow it from the start and enter into a steady period of consolidation and wish to review your performance, it is useful to take a step back from the nuts and bolts of starting or running your business and consider what makes up a business.

Sure, you must have (hopefully) a great product or service and you must have customers.

But what makes up a successful business? What are the key ingredients you must have?

I created Teik Oh Dot Com in order to help small business owners implement these key ingredients that together make up a successful business, to be the small business owner’s one place to go to in order to find the practical processes to improve their business and become successful. You can subscribe to get these free tools and resources delivered directly to you by clicking on this link and signing up.

Importantly, I believe that when you start your business, you need to focus on six key must-haves in your business to set you up for success.

So let’s dive into the 6 key must-haves in your business.

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4 Small Changes To Reinvigorate Yourself As A Small Business Owner

Out of the top 5 areas that cause stress, the top two are in the areas of “Jobs and the Workplace” and “Financial Problems.”

So as a small business owner, guess which areas you spend most of your life in? In your business, in your workplace, and often wrestling with some kind of financial problem!

Small business owners work hard, often long unrewarded hours. They deal with everybody’s problems, starting from their staff to those of their customer, and including the impact of their business on their family. There is no one else to turn to because the buck in your business stops with you. It is no wonder that over stretches of time, small business owners feel jaded and feel in need of a lift. You may be tired and jaded at a time when your business most needs new ideas or a strategic direction, but a tired sleep-deprived mind isn’t able to be creative and innovative. The worse thing is, unless you have been working on your business the way I have described in this blog, you probably can’t afford to take time off for a holiday to refresh yourself – or at least you think so.

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Small Business Owners Need To Get Past Their Comfort Zones

As a small business owner, at least one of your personal goals is to be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle that you can enjoy.

As human beings, we tend to move toward comfort. Sure, sometimes, we like a challenge. But ultimately even as we deal with challenges, we look to the comforts that successfully dealing with the challenge will bring.

However, in order for your business to succeed, you have to push past your comfort zone and push up against some uncomfortable challenges. No truly successful business was ever born out of taking the easy way unless your measure of success is “just getting by.”

So, what do we need to understand about comfort zones in order to meet these challenges head-on?

In this video, I take you through the three zones that you have to move past in order to push your business to success.



The beauty of this model is that it is not only about business success.

In life, most of us are happy sitting on the couch at home and watching your favourite program on the television. But if you want your life to be meaningful, you need to get up off the couch and do something that is within your range of possibility – like play a sport or enjoy an experience with friends. If you want your life to be fulfilling and really successful, you need to push past fear into the zone of challenges like try a new skill, change your job, start a business, meet new people!

If you want more valuable tips on how to grow your business and provide leadership and strategy, go to teikoh.com and sign up to get these ideas and processes sent directly to your inbox, or you can sign up here.

Push through and see you soon!

Are You Too Busy To Read This?

If you have signed up and got this sent to your email, but you are too busy to read this, you are in trouble!

My blog gives you short tips, advice and ideas that you can implement in your business straight away. They give you ideas and processes to work on your business, not in it.

So, if you are too busy to read these ideas, tips, tools and free processes, it means that you are so busy working in your business, you have no time to improve and to get your life back.

I have spent over 30 years learning from great teachers and from the knocks of real life about what works and what doesn’t. Watch this video to see why you really need to take the time to learn and grow.



Here’s my challenge to you if you really want to grow your business and build a lifestyle:

  1. Set aside 10 minutes – that’s all! 10 Minutes!
  2. Go to teikoh.com and choose a blog post about something you want to work on in your business, and watch the video
  3. Take a piece of paper and write down where in your business that advice could help – and importantly what that would mean to you once it got fixed or improved
  4. Take another piece of paper and write down the steps you will take to implement that piece of advice tomorrow

Then come back to the blog and in the comments section, tell me how you went. Or, go to the Teik Oh Dot Com Facebook page and leave me a comment there.

In the words of the shoes – Just Do It!

How to define your “why”?

Since Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk “How great leaders inspire action” and his book “Start With Why” everyone has been inspired by the need to understand and define the higher purpose of your business – not what you do but why you do it.

The premise is that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

I have spoken often enough about the power of a clear vision – a strong vision statement sets the target for your business to work towards. I have also spoken, in marketing terms, about how you should not swell the features of your product but the needs that it meets.

The higher purpose – your “why” – is an extension of these two principles: “People don’t buy what you do,” how boring, “people buy why you do it,” that’s inspirational.

But if you’re confused about your higher purpose, how do you find and define it?

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