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4 Small Changes To Reinvigorate Yourself As A Small Business Owner

Out of the top 5 areas that cause stress, the top two are in the areas of “Jobs and the Workplace” and “Financial Problems.”

So as a small business owner, guess which areas you spend most of your life in? In your business, in your workplace, and often wrestling with some kind of financial problem!

Small business owners work hard, often long unrewarded hours. They deal with everybody’s problems, starting from their staff to those of their customer, and including the impact of their business on their family. There is no one else to turn to because the buck in your business stops with you. It is no wonder that over stretches of time, small business owners feel jaded and feel in need of a lift. You may be tired and jaded at a time when your business most needs new ideas or a strategic direction, but a tired sleep-deprived mind isn’t able to be creative and innovative. The worse thing is, unless you have been working on your business the way I have described in this blog, you probably can’t afford to take time off for a holiday to refresh yourself – or at least you think so.

It is important for us to realise that taking care of ourselves is good for business. A tired brain that is multi-tasking all the time risks the quality of your decisions and risks the type and value of engagement you have with staff and customers. Overwhelming work pressure is totally counter-productive to performing well in your business, and while you can live with it for a while, too much of it is leaving you very little time to strategise and be insightful about your business.

So, how can you take care of yourself without ignoring your business demands at the same time? The key is to make small changes to your daily habits so that each small change is not so markedly noticeable that it affects your work commitments. Small changes to habitual actions create new ways of thinking – and replace bad habits that are the problems to start with.

Here are 4 small changes you can make on a daily basis to reinvigorate yourself without taking a month off.




Just to review –

  1. Spend a few minutes every day in positive self-reflection
  2. Be serious about taking care of yourself
  3. Say no – prioritise what really matters at the start of each day
  4. Challenge yourself to think positively about things

Business people who focus on their health, getting enough sleep, their fitness, family and friendships find that they can focus better on business issues and come up with more ideas on options and ideas.

Be mindful of this when you are under stress – take a few minutes to reacquaint yourself with what is important in your life, and then re-approach the issues with a clear and positive-framed mind.

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