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Are You Too Busy To Read This?

If you have signed up and got this sent to your email, but you are too busy to read this, you are in trouble!

My blog gives you short tips, advice and ideas that you can implement in your business straight away. They give you ideas and processes to work on your business, not in it.

So, if you are too busy to read these ideas, tips, tools and free processes, it means that you are so busy working in your business, you have no time to improve and to get your life back.

I have spent over 30 years learning from great teachers and from the knocks of real life about what works and what doesn’t. Watch this video to see why you really need to take the time to learn and grow.



Here’s my challenge to you if you really want to grow your business and build a lifestyle:

  1. Set aside 10 minutes – that’s all! 10 Minutes!
  2. Go to teikoh.com and choose a blog post about something you want to work on in your business, and watch the video
  3. Take a piece of paper and write down where in your business that advice could help – and importantly what that would mean to you once it got fixed or improved
  4. Take another piece of paper and write down the steps you will take to implement that piece of advice tomorrow

Then come back to the blog and in the comments section, tell me how you went. Or, go to the Teik Oh Dot Com Facebook page and leave me a comment there.

In the words of the shoes – Just Do It!

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