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How Systems And Procedures Can Build You A Better Life
The 4 Stages of a Growth-Minded Small Business
6 Key Must-Haves In Your Business
Do Your Team Members Have Their Individual Objectives?
Interviewing New Hires

How Systems And Procedures Can Build You A Better Life

“How Systems And Procedures Can Build You A Better Life” – that’s a heck of a promise, isn’t it?

Well, I think it’s true!

Life could be great for you right now, and you’re pumping it! But I know this – if you own and run a small business, especially if you started it within the last few years and you’re starting to get busy, you’re working pretty hard in your life right now, and dare I say, your work-life balance is probably out of whack.

I know what it’s like, I’ve been there, I’ve seen so many clients go through the same thing as well.

You start your business with a passion, you’re doing everything from opening the doors every morning to the marketing, to fronting the front-counter, to producing your service or product, to keeping the books – right up to sweeping up and locking the doors at night.

It’s pretty exhilarating at first – this is what you dreamt of, owning your own business and carving out your own pathway to business success!

But as business ramps up, it becomes a little consuming. It’s hard to maintain the energy levels and feel like you are focusing on what really drives the business because you are involved in doing everything. Even if you hire staff, it doesn’t seem to quite work out. You have to train them in what you used to do, and they don’t quite get it right, so you get re-involved. Or they leave and so you have to find and train someone else. Sometimes wires get crossed and tasks fall between the cracks because someone thought you were doing it when you thought they were. Pretty soon customers start to comment that the quality of what you deliver isn’t quite the same anymore, or worse, that it’s patchy and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not.

So you work even harder to get it right, mainly by doing it yourself and pretty soon you’re working hard every day on all the details and the direction of the business starts to stagnate, your work-life balance, that dream to earn enough to spend time with the family seems to be a long way away.

Your life might be rocking, but it’s not well balanced! Ask your spouse!

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The 4 Stages of a Growth-Minded Small Business

Here at Teik Oh Dot Com, I aim to be a one-stop-shop for growth-minded small business owners, where they can go to get inspiring and practical ideas to improve their business and become successful.

While I offer different tools and give advice for small business owners at different levels of development, I thought it might be useful to describe the way a small business can develop, and what their owners need to think about at each stage.

Knowing which level of development you are in is important because you can then focus on the different aspects of your business that need special attention at each different stage. A growing small business will usually go through 4 stages of development.

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6 Key Must-Haves In Your Business

When you are starting a business, or even as you grow it from the start and enter into a steady period of consolidation and wish to review your performance, it is useful to take a step back from the nuts and bolts of starting or running your business and consider what makes up a business.

Sure, you must have (hopefully) a great product or service and you must have customers.

But what makes up a successful business? What are the key ingredients you must have?

I created Teik Oh Dot Com in order to help small business owners implement these key ingredients that together make up a successful business, to be the small business owner’s one place to go to in order to find the practical processes to improve their business and become successful. You can subscribe to get these free tools and resources delivered directly to you by clicking on this link and signing up.

Importantly, I believe that when you start your business, you need to focus on six key must-haves in your business to set you up for success.

So let’s dive into the 6 key must-haves in your business.

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Do Your Team Members Have Their Individual Objectives?

Do your employees have written Job Descriptions?

No? Okay, let’s slide past that one quickly!

I can’t tell you how important it is for effective teamwork that everyone has a Job Description that helps them do their job, and fit into the team working together to meet the business objectives.

After this week’s video I hope you will now prepare individual Job Descriptions, but even if you do have written Job Descriptions for all your team members right now, does it include a clear objective for their role that fits into the overall objectives of the business?

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Interviewing New Hires

Choosing a new member of the team relies on asking the right questions when you first interview them for the role.

Applicants are likely to have provided you with a good resume. If not you should rightly discard them from the shortlist. The good ones will have laid out their past experience, their skills and qualifications and perhaps even some discussion about why they are the person to fit the description in your advertisement. If you have a number of good applicants, the descriptions on paper will make it hard to decide who is best for the job.

How do you make sure that you are making the right choice?

This week, I want to give you a system for your interviews that you can use every time you interview someone for a position in your business.

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