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How To Explain Your New Big Plan
Improve Team Collaboration
Reduce Workplace Miscommunication and Drama
How to Win Customers’ Hearts and Minds!

How To Explain Your New Big Plan

So, you’ve completed your plan? Is it a Business Plan, or a Strategic Plan, or perhaps a Marketing Plan?

Whatever it is, apart from starting to implement it – do you know what’s the most important thing for you to do now? Explain it!

Who do you explain it to? Well it depends – if you have a team of employees, you need to explain it to them. If you are a solopreneur and you use contractors, virtual assistants and even friends to help you – you need to explain your plan to them. Even if you work totally alone – you need to explain your plan to at least your spouse and family, if not your bank or other people involved in helping you. These are the people corporates call “stakeholders” and you need to explain your big new plan to them because people hate change, and a plan represents change. If your plan affects them (how could it not?) you need to explain it to them.

I discuss here in this week’s video how you can communicate and explain your plan to them in a way that allays fear and encourages buy-in. It’s exciting to you – make it exciting for them.

So here again are the four points:-

  1. Explain the exciting new opportunity;
  2. Provide the exciting change vision;
  3. Explain the big-picture initiatives; and
  4. Ask for help in making sure everyone knows what to do.

I’d love to hear how you have implemented new plans in your business – and brought your “stakeholders” along – click here to go to the blog and leave a comment under this video telling me how you implemented your plan and communicated it.

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Improve Team Collaboration

In order for teams to work effectively and productively, they need to collaborate effectively.

Now, you might think that first sentence is all about corporates? Well guess what, teams are there in any business. They might be teams of employees, or teams of contractors and virtual assistants for all you solopreneurs out there. They might even be a team of partners. All of these have to find ways to collaborate effectively in order to all head in the same direction – forwards!

One of the ways to improve team collaboration is to set up some “rules” about how the team “plays” – rules about how work is done together, how decisions are made, even how disputes are resolved. These “rules of conduct” help to clarify everyone’s expectations about how things are done in the team.

In this week’s video, I explore team rules of conduct, what they are, what they should include, and how to set them up.

If you want to know more about team rules of conduct, here’s a great article on what to include, and here is an article on how to facilitate the establishment of one in a workshop.

This is where the fun starts – in the sharing – please go to the blog and leave a comment under this video telling all of us what your team rules of conduct are.

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Reduce Workplace Miscommunication and Drama

Whether as an entrepreneur you have staff or as a solopreneur you have contractors and VA’s, we all have to deal with people. And when you deal with people, people sometimes say the wrong thing or say something they don’t mean. Maybe even you do it?

Building an effective team to serve your customer is hard enough under normal circumstances – you really don’t need the drama of inter-personal relationships heading south!

Most inter-personal issues are caused by the wrong messages – given or received. So, we often need a way to defuse a tense situation.

What better way than to provide an affirmative, supportive message? Turn the negative situation into a positive one!

In this video I talk about four ways you can re-frame the situation from a tense and negative inter-personal conflict into one where all parties can work together from a place of better understanding.

What better way to operate an efficient and productive workplace than to start from the positive? All you need to do is to re-frame any negative situation by understanding that you can view it from a different place, and build from there.

So, get over to the blog by clicking here and leave a comment under this video – about how you have defused some tense workplace confrontations.

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How to Win Customers’ Hearts and Minds!

In marketing language, today’s customers are less “sticky”. In everyday tongues this means that today your customers are more choosy and hesitant!

They have access to a heck of a lot more information about your products and services, and those of your competitors. The modern economic situation means they may be more hesitant when they are buying more discretionary stuff – sure they still buy food, but they may have cut back on eating out.

The best businesses have beat this trend by having outstandingly loyal customers. The best businesses have won over their customers’ hearts and minds and have won the psychological trust war. How do you do this too?

Watch this video for the 5 psychological tactics to win your customers’ hearts and minds.

I’ll summarise them for you here:-

  1. Highlight long term value;
  2. Use groupthink;
  3. Focus on suitability not price;
  4. Create a sense of urgency; and
  5. Build the collective experience.

I’d love to hear how you build customer loyalty – click here to post a comment on the 3 top ways you build customer loyalty.

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