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Improve Team Collaboration

In order for teams to work effectively and productively, they need to collaborate effectively.

Now, you might think that first sentence is all about corporates? Well guess what, teams are there in any business. They might be teams of employees, or teams of contractors and virtual assistants for all you solopreneurs out there. They might even be a team of partners. All of these have to find ways to collaborate effectively in order to all head in the same direction – forwards!

One of the ways to improve team collaboration is to set up some “rules” about how the team “plays” – rules about how work is done together, how decisions are made, even how disputes are resolved. These “rules of conduct” help to clarify everyone’s expectations about how things are done in the team.

In this week’s video, I explore team rules of conduct, what they are, what they should include, and how to set them up.

If you want to know more about team rules of conduct, here’s a great article on what to include, and here is an article on how to facilitate the establishment of one in a workshop.

This is where the fun starts – in the sharing – please go to the blog and leave a comment under this video telling all of us what your team rules of conduct are.

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