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Reduce Workplace Miscommunication and Drama

Reduce Workplace Miscommunication and Drama

Whether as an entrepreneur you have staff or as a solopreneur you have contractors and VA’s, we all have to deal with people. And when you deal with people, people sometimes say the wrong thing or say something they don’t mean. Maybe even you do it?

Building an effective team to serve your customer is hard enough under normal circumstances – you really don’t need the drama of inter-personal relationships heading south!

Most inter-personal issues are caused by the wrong messages – given or received. So, we often need a way to defuse a tense situation.

What better way than to provide an affirmative, supportive message? Turn the negative situation into a positive one!

In this video I talk about four ways you can re-frame the situation from a tense and negative inter-personal conflict into one where all parties can work together from a place of better understanding.

What better way to operate an efficient and productive workplace than to start from the positive? All you need to do is to re-frame any negative situation by understanding that you can view it from a different place, and build from there.

So, get over to the blog by clicking here and leave a comment under this video – about how you have defused some tense workplace confrontations.

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