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Growing Your Business By Growing Your Employees
Growing Your Business With A Marketing Plan
Growing Your Business With Your Annual Business Plan

Growing Your Business By Growing Your Employees

Typically, small businesses employ a small number of people before they expand and grow.

As small businesses grow, the way they develop and grow their people will help them grow their business as well. So, the performance of those people in the early years is fundamental to the performance of the business as it grows.

Therefore your small business should attempt to ensure the best performance from your employees, and systems to help them grow and develop along with your business.

The best way of developing your employees is to implement an effective review system where they are shown what their key performance indicators are, where they can be given clear targets to achieve, and where positive but honest feedback can be given both ways so that they are helped to develop and that they provide feedback to you on how you can best use them in your business.

In order to implement an effective staff performance review system, you first need to have something against which to measure. Read More

Growing Your Business With A Marketing Plan

Many small business owners, even after the excitement of startup and in their growth phase, don’t realise the value of having a marketing plan.

I think deep down inside they think that marketing is something that “happens” when they start their business. They have something good to sell. They believe in the vision and values of their business. Build it and they will come – and if they don’t come as quickly, ok, then we might advertise.

But advertising is not marketing.

Marketing is a whole system of supportive components around your business that should be designed to attract customers who are the lowest hanging fruit. Advertising is only one component and is part of the message that you broadcast. A marketing plan designs that system to work together and the reason you need a marketing plan is to make sure that you design the system right. You need to aim with a precise focus on your target customer, not fire off a scatter-gun and hope you hit somebody!

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Growing Your Business With Your Annual Business Plan

This is the third part of our series on growing your small business after establishing it from a startup. If you missed our first two articles on Growing Your Business By Measuring Everything and Growing Your Business With A Strategic Plan, you can catch up by clicking on the links.

This series of “Growing Your Business” follows our earlier series of blog posts on “Starting A Small Business“. If you want to catch up on how to start your own small business I will put the links to those articles at the end of this post.

In this post I will discuss how, having set a long-term strategic direction for your business to grow, through your Strategic Plan, you can cascade shorter-term goals and actions from the long term strategies year by year. This allows you to establish more detailed annual targets and actions, while at the same time ensuring that you stay true to course on the way to building the business of your vision.

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