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Creating Strategy – What Are Your KSI’s?
Mini Training on “Will My Business Idea Fly?”
Starting A New Business? Know Yourself First!
Mini-Training: Drill Down On Your Ideal Customer
5 Steps To Spend Less Time At Work

Creating Strategy – What Are Your KSI’s?

Are you dying to know what are your KSI’s? Well hold on a minute…

Really what I want to discuss is how you choose the right strategies when you are planning. You’ve probably taken some time off and wrote your Vision, Mission and Values Statement, and then detailed what this means in your day to day activity; you’ve probably brainstormed your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and worked out your goals for the year. But now, how do you choose between all the ideas to find the most critical strategies?

That’s where your KSI’s come in, or Key Strategic Issues.

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Mini Training on “Will My Business Idea Fly?”

This week is for budding entrepreneurs and start up businesses.

I have extracted this mini-training video from my online course “How To Start Your Own Business.”

In this video I will assume that you have established the “why” of you business – your vision of it’s place in the world, why it needs to exist, why the passion you have for the solution to problems will lead you to success.

From there I deal with the “what” in this mini-training. We will look at detailing your business idea and then research the industry that it fits into. You will drill down into what makes up that industry and find a niche. You will look at demand for your product in that industry or niche, what competition is out there and what barriers to entry exist. This is the “feasibility study” that you need to do. Read More

Starting A New Business? Know Yourself First!

This week I’m giving you a free mini-training on one of the most important things to do when you start a new business – know yourself!

Even if you have already started a business, take a look at this 6 minute video that will take you through the key things to think about how you are set up to own and operate your own business. It’s from my online training course called How To Start Your Own Business.



The video takes you through whether you really understand what it takes to run your own business, and to be prepared for the curve balls that could come. It explains some traps and pitfalls and talks about getting a strong “purpose”, as well as the skills and character traits you will need.

For an expanded version of this module you should join my online training course called How To Start Your Own Business. It contains 5 lessons:

  • Your Personal Readiness
  • Analyse The Industry And Your Idea
  • Your Business Model
  • Planning
  • Implementation

as well as bonus material on how to write Position Descriptions and Organise Your Team, and You, Your Business, Your Purpose, Your Effort about entrepreneurial success.

Even if you have already started your business, join the course to learn about details that may be missing about how you’ve set up. For example the lesson on Your Business Model takes you through the relationship in your business between your value proposition, revenue streams, cost structures, key activities, key resources, customer segments, customer relationships, channels and key partners. The way these interact is important for any business.

Learn more about the course and get your freebie report and checklist on Business Startup by clicking here (on my social media channels this link might not work so go to my website at teikoh.com and click on “products”).

To find more valuable and free systems that you can implement in your business to grow your business today, go to my website at teikoh.com. And while you’re there, just so you don’t miss out as I release more systems and processes that you can implement straight away, why not subscribe so that I can send them directly to your inbox every week.

Mini-Training: Drill Down On Your Ideal Customer

All marketing is about segmenting your target market – drilling down on the segments that would be most suited and attracted to your product or service. Marketing to the masses is no more than hoping for the best.

This week I’m providing you with a mini training session on how to segment your target market, and then tailor your marketing campaign solely at a specific market to ensure you have their attention.

This is an extract from my online SMART Marketing course and workshops. In my online video driven training course, I take you on a series of workshops to creating your targeted marketing plan, using 7 easy steps. If you want to know more about SMART Marketing, click here.

This week’s mini-training also makes available a worksheet from one of the workshops (or what I like to call “fun-shops”!) in SMART Marketing. Get the worksheet here and then watch the video.

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5 Steps To Spend Less Time At Work

I know you love your business, and you love spending time building it up and working toward your vision. So do I.

But still, you are in it for the long haul, and you don’t want to burn out. As well, like me you want to build a successful business because you are driven to do it and, so that you can find that lifestyle balance to spend with your loved ones. That’s what it’s all about – building your successful business so that you have choices.

So one of those choices is how much time you spend at work. It’s not up to anyone else what’s right for you, but the chances are that however many hours you think is ideal to spend at work and still have that lifestyle choice, you are working more than that.

From my experience working with driven entrepreneurs building their successful businesses, there are 5 steps to take to spend less time at work, and make the time you spend effective.

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