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Mini Training on “Will My Business Idea Fly?”

This week is for budding entrepreneurs and start up businesses.

I have extracted this mini-training video from my online course “How To Start Your Own Business.”

In this video I will assume that you have established the “why” of you business – your vision of it’s place in the world, why it needs to exist, why the passion you have for the solution to problems will lead you to success.

From there I deal with the “what” in this mini-training. We will look at detailing your business idea and then research the industry that it fits into. You will drill down into what makes up that industry and find a niche. You will look at demand for your product in that industry or niche, what competition is out there and what barriers to entry exist. This is the “feasibility study” that you need to do.

Enjoy this mini-training and then read on if you are a first time entrepreneur or starting a business and just don’t know what to do, and in what order!



Have you watched the video? If not, go right back and watch it. It’s only 6 minutes long but it is packed with information about what you need to think about before you start your own business, to make sure your idea really will fly.

The 6 minute excerpt is from a much longer video that takes you through the steps of each question.

The full training is available in my online course “How To Start Your Own Business.” It is designed for first time business starters. If you are a budding entrepreneur with a hot idea, or if you are “working for the man” but you think you can do it better, you must be bursting with enthusiasm and energy to start your own business.

Except, like many people you just don’t know where to start. Asking your family and friends is a minefield, because they care so much about you they probably give you more warning than advice.

The online course gives you 5 lessons after a short welcome video that sets the scene. The lessons are:

  1. “Your Personal Readiness” – on how to set yourself up and be ready to be in business for yourself
  2. “Analyse the Industry – And Your Idea” – about how to find out details of your industry so that you can create strategies for success within it
  3. “Your Business Model” – about designing how various parts of your business fit together to achieve your dream business
  4. “Planning – Legal Structures, Budgets and Business Plans” – taking you through choosing your legal structure, budgets and planning
  5. “Implementation” – Finally this lesson walks you through all the steps to finally opening your doors

Each lesson is a walk-through video accompanied by worksheets so that you can plan and record your strategies.

And the good thing is, for people starting up, it’s only $79!

What are you waiting for?

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