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Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

If you try to sell to everyone you will sell to no-one.

This is because your message, in trying to appeal to everyone, appeals to no-one because it is diluted by too many generalities and too many confusing messages.

It is a busy world out there with every business and competitor trying to grab the attention of customers. You need to stand out by appealing directly to your customer’s needs. This means that you need to understand d exactly who is best suited to be your customer – your Ideal Customer.

Trying to appeal to everyone is like trying to shoot a very small target with a shotgun. Your pellets scatter everywhere and maybe some will hit the target but most will not. This just wastes resources and time. However, if you use a target rifle with scope, you can focus on the bull’s eye. This means more marketing bang for your marketing buck.

In this week’s video lesson I show you how to define your target market by looking at 2 characteristics.



If you narrow your focus you will:

  • identify exactly the characteristics of who is most likely to buy your product from you;
  • understand exactly how to appeal to them;
  • reap greater returns.

If you narrow your focus you will not:

  • miss out, others will come;
  • get the best return on investment;
  • create a reputation within your target market.

In my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps To More Sales” and in my online training and workshop SMART Marketing, I spend some time in one of the steps in my 7 step formula to “identify your real customer”.

It is such an important step because it focuses your efforts for effective marketing.

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