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Your Challenge – Strategies For Next Financial Year!
How A Business Plan Grows Your Business Year By Year
Small Business Case Study in Business Planning
Training Your Employees For Your Absence
A 5 Day Marketing Challenge For You!

Your Challenge – Strategies For Next Financial Year!

At the end of a financial year, you should be thinking about what you are going to do in the next financial year to grow your business and take you on the next stage of your journey to your most successful, ideal business.

Think of business building as a series of steps that you take along a roadmap, the direction chosen so as to get you to your idea of your successful business as quickly as possible. Each year, you should be taking another step in that journey, always aiming for your ultimate desired outcome for your business.

Well, here’s a simple five-day challenge for you to take, to choose some clear strategies for your business in the new financial year.

You will only need a couple of hours a day for the next five days to set the direction of your business, and in doing so, clearly define your strategic direction for your business – where it needs to go and how it needs to grow in order to make it a successful business for you. In doing this, you will effectively mark out what needs to be done next year, and as new opportunities or any changing circumstances arise, allow you to decide if they help you get to your ultimate goal, or if they are merely distractions to be ignored.

That is a powerful situation to be in, avoiding overwhelm and constantly changing tactics, never knowing what really works for your business until you’ve done it – and mostly find you’ve wasted your time!

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How A Business Plan Grows Your Business Year By Year

When I am asked why a small business needs a Business Plan, my answer is simple.

“Don’t you want to grow your business?”

It is that plain and simple.

While a Marketing Plan may grow your sales, a Business Plan directs the growth of your business your way. And it does this year by year.

But first, what do I mean by “the growth of your business your way”?

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Small Business Case Study in Business Planning

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about business planning is:

“But I only have a small business – do I really need to prepare a business plan?”

My wholehearted answer is always “Yes, Yes and Yes!”

First, understand that any sized business without a plan is moving in the dark. There are no long-term goals, no real target. Any supposed goals you set for the year are actually parts of a giant to-do list because they are not coordinated toward a big picture that you need to work toward if you want to achieve your business dream.

Imagine going on a holiday without a plan, and just buying the first ticket that pops up. What would you pack? What currency would you bring? Where should you stay?

What do you want out of your holiday? If you wanted to go shopping but your unplanned ticket takes you to a remote beach resort, you’re not going to achieve your goals.

But just put the common sense of having a plan aside. People say to me, to justify their lack of a plan – “but it’s too hard, I’d rather just do it.”

Apart from “Do it? Do what exactly?” I show them how it’s not “too hard”, that it is a simple step-by-step process.

You just need the formula.

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Training Your Employees For Your Absence

Unless you own and wish to continue to own a micro-business where you work on your own in your profession or trade, it is more than likely that as a small business owner you wish to expand and grow your business to the extent that you will be employing people as you grow.

Most of us who run and operate small businesses wish to grow in size – as our sales and profits grow, by necessity we need to scale and grow our workforce so that we can produce more, or meet more customers or provide more services. We are constrained by the number of productive hours we, or anyone we employ, can spend on producing goods or services. So we employ more people.

Some of the new people we employ may not be directly customer-facing. Indeed we may need more and more “back-room” hours from new people – keeping the books, managing the stores, manufacturing or working behind the scenes.

The question is, how do you introduce more and more people and continue to control and manage the business as more and more people do the things that you used to do?

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A 5 Day Marketing Challenge For You!

If you are a small business owner and you are not marketing, or marketing effectively, then you cannot grow.

Sorry to be so blunt.

Perhaps you will grow to some extent because you have a group of loyal customers, or you have a great product. But at some stage, unless you market your business, you will hit a very uphill slope to grow any further. In the business life cycle, this is called the “plateau” stage, and small businesses that do not market themselves get to plateau a lot earlier than other mature businesses.

The crux of the matter is that even as you grow slowly now, you cannot meet your own expectations – that dream you had for your business when you started it.

The answer is, you have to market your business.

But it need not be a massive project or an expensive affair.

Marketing is all about understanding what your product does for your target market and then telling them in an appropriate way.

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