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5 Ways To Use Your “Why” To Empower Your People
What Is A Business Plan And Why You Need One
5 Ways To Empower Your Team
How To Automate Your Business And Take A Holiday

5 Ways To Use Your “Why” To Empower Your People

No matter what kind of business you are in, you are already in the People Business.

In today’s world, businesses can no longer afford to see staff as “assets” or “resources.” Even the language of business is shifting so that employees and teams are seen first as individuals and people, rather than simply resources to be mobilised. Research has shown time and time again that happier employees translate their experience to gain happier customers, and happier customers mean more sales.

Research has also shown that one of the major reasons that employees perform better, is if they are united by a common purpose. That, not only do they know what they are selling – everyone knows that – they really know why they are selling what they are selling. This is the purpose of your business – the “why” of your very existence.

So, assuming you have worked on your business vision and purpose – your “why” – and been able to translate this for your people, how do you make your small business a truly purpose-led people-business?

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What Is A Business Plan And Why You Need One

Are you in business? Are you starting a business? Are you expanding your business? Are you adding new products?

You need a business plan.

A business plan is not some dreamy, creative exercise about what you might want in a dream. An effective business plan is based on facts – facts as they exist right now, facts about what can happen, and facts based on different sets of assumptions about the future. A business p[lan starts with the future, defining exactly where you want to be – a vision, but one that is tested and quantified and not left in some dreamy state. Read More

5 Ways To Empower Your Team

As we build our businesses, we will need to build teams.

Teamwork makes processes more efficient and the supportive behaviours in teams can also provide the platform on which businesses expand.

But teams aren’t just about friends. In fact, some strong teams are made up of people who don’t necessarily engage socially. Teams don’t just work well together, good teams work well because they know when to do things, and what are the right things to do in the circumstances.

So, how do you create this team system in your small business? Read More

How To Automate Your Business And Take A Holiday

Here is a good measure of how your business is doing – as a business – and as your life’s achievement: can you take four weeks off and have a real holiday where you are not checking in?

Ultimately, that is the business we all started – the business that is successful and profitable and provides you with a lifestyle. But most of us work in businesses that are quite the opposite! Most small business owners are tied to their businesses and even if successful and profitable, certainly does not provide that lifestyle we all dreamt about. Most small business owners will be worried about taking too long a holiday from their businesses in case something goes wrong.

This fear can take the form of an angry customer that nobody else knows how to handle or what to say to him. It can take the form of an error in the day to day processes that only you know how to fix, or a new employee requiring training that only you can give her, or a decision about some outcome that nobody else can make.

The question is really about how you take the business that depends entirely on your knowledge and your ability to make decisions, to a business that runs like an automatic ticking clock? Read More

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