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How To Automate Your Business And Take A Holiday

Here is a good measure of how your business is doing – as a business – and as your life’s achievement: can you take four weeks off and have a real holiday where you are not checking in?

Ultimately, that is the business we all started – the business that is successful and profitable and provides you with a lifestyle. But most of us work in businesses that are quite the opposite! Most small business owners are tied to their businesses and even if successful and profitable, certainly does not provide that lifestyle we all dreamt about. Most small business owners will be worried about taking too long a holiday from their businesses in case something goes wrong.

This fear can take the form of an angry customer that nobody else knows how to handle or what to say to him. It can take the form of an error in the day to day processes that only you know how to fix, or a new employee requiring training that only you can give her, or a decision about some outcome that nobody else can make.

The question is really about how you take the business that depends entirely on your knowledge and your ability to make decisions, to a business that runs like an automatic ticking clock?

The answer is in the implementation of reliable systems in your business.

Change the emphasis from reliable people to reliable systems. Documented systems can be replicable and delegatable and will produce consistent, predictable results. You can take documented systems and train new employees, and then you can measure their results against predictable norms so that you can improve performance.

But how do you start documenting your business systems, especially if you are lurching from one emergency to another problem?

In this week’s video, I talk you through the steps you can take to create your first systems, and then grow your systems from there into one overall operating manual.





The most urgent systems you need to put in place are any role or responsibility that you need to replace and any role or responsibility where you urgently need to delegate. Start there by following the steps in the video, and then move on to the next most important systems – those around your customer lifecycle, especially those roles and responsibilities that urgently need improvement.

Make sure you document the systems you create so that they are replicable, delegatable, and scalable. With these systems, you can train staff, measure their performance; you can embed solutions, even scripts about how to deal with expected problems and provide generic procedures to handle any unexpected problems.

Then, you can go on holiday!

If you want to drill down on setting up a turbocharged systematised business get over to teikoh.com and check out the online training in our Products page.

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I hope to see you soon!

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