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So, How Are Your 2016 Resolutions Going?

You have to admit, I’ve given you a chance! I haven’t asked you about your New Year resolutions until now so you have to agree I’ve given you a good head start, right?

So, how are your New Year resolutions going? Are you ticking them off? Or like many others have they fallen off the cliff after 2 or 3 months (or should I say weeks)?

If you have been working on them, and you are on track – hey, congratulations! You are amongst that elite group who pick out what’s important and focus on the end. You follow through!

As for the rest of you, don’t feel bad. You haven’t failed! All that’s happened is that you now realise you don’t have a system to follow through. So, don’t give up, if your resolutions or goals are that important to you, keep trying.

But this time, arm yourself with a winning formula for following through.

In this video I’m providing training on the formula for following through on your resolutions and goals.

Here’s a tweetable that comes out of the training for you – Hit your goals everytime by keying in on key goals @OhTeik


  1. Fewer (but key) goals
  2. Make real written plans with deadlines and resources
  3. Commit – believe you need to do this and you can do this
  4. Review regularly – set yourself up to succeed
  5. Don’t forget to celebrate every win!

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