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Simple SMART Marketing for Small Business – Free Training Part 1
Small Business Marketing
A 5 Day Challenge To Master Your Business Finance
Operational Efficiency – The First Steps
A Challenge in Customer Fulfilment

Simple SMART Marketing for Small Business – Free Training Part 1

I have created a short, free training on how you, as a small business owner, can prepare your own Marketing Plan to grow your sales.

It follows a simple to follow, step-by-step system of seven steps, which are: –

  1. Know what is your real product;
  2. Know who is your real customer;
  3. Meet your target market’s requirements;
  4. Make your Selling Price a factor in your marketing;
  5. Choose the most appropriate marketing activities;
  6. Schedule your campaign plan; and
  7. Implement then Monitor and Evaluate.

I am releasing this free training in two parts, this week below, being Part 1, along with free worksheets listed below. Read More

Small Business Marketing

I laugh sometimes at the different definitions of “small business”.

The Australian Taxation Office tells you that you can get small business entity concessions when you are a small business – the definition? If your turnover is less than $10 million.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics defines a small business as one that employs 20 people or less.

Many of my clients and members of Teik Oh Dot Com training would love to turn over sales of $10 million and employ 20 staff! To many of us, that describes a medium-sized business because small business is you and me, making sales of several hundred thousand to a couple of million at the upper end and maybe working alone or employing up to 10 staff.

So, when people like us see advice for “small businesses” we tend to switch off.

But that would be a mistake because we all want to grow, don’t we? And one thing I can tell you after 40 years of working with small businesses all over the world in my career, the simple things you need to do is the same in every sized business – except for scale. Read More

A 5 Day Challenge To Master Your Business Finance

In 40 years of advising small businesses and helping them grow, I have noted that the most successful small businesses to 6 things really well:

  1. They show and encourage leadership within the business;
  2. They make planning a habitual practice in the business;
  3. They are always marketing;
  4. They ensure that their customer enjoys a fulfilling journey through their business;
  5. They have made their processes and operations efficient; and
  6. They do not neglect to understand their finances.

This week I’m going to talk about finances.

But I’m not going to teach you how to be an accountant!

I’m going to tell you why you cannot neglect the skill of understanding your finances and then set you a challenge that will show you how to cheat your way to mastering your finances!

Read More

Operational Efficiency – The First Steps

In my Small Business Owners Growth Guide, I identify the Six Business Success Factors.

In 40 years of working with small businesses, I have observed that all successful businesses do these 6 things well.

They are:-

  1. The Act of Leadership
  2. The Practice of Planning
  3. The Logic of Marketing
  4. The Pursuit of Customer Fulfilment
  5. The Attainment of Operational Efficiency
  6. The Mastery of Finance.

You can download my free Small Business Owners Growth Guide to the Six Business Success Factors here and “audit” your business to see how well developed they are in your business.

I’ve recently dealt with Leadership, Planning, Marketing and Customer Fulfilment in this blog, so this week I want to turn my attention to Operational Efficiency.

What do I mean by that?

I also want to set you a challenge that you can undertake over the next 5 days, taking just an hour a day to start your journey in Operational Efficiency.

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A Challenge in Customer Fulfilment

Customer Fulfillment usually refers to the process of delivering the product or service to the customer, involving “order fulfilment” methods such as logistics.

However, when I say customer fulfilment, I mean the whole system of ensuring that your customer is “fulfilled” in their engagement with you.

In other words, how fulfilled are they when they first encountered you, how easy was it to transact with you, whether they received their goods and services in the way and time that they liked, and what was their experience after the sale?

I take customer fulfilment to be much more than “customer service”.

It’s about total satisfaction.

In this definition, customer fulfilment is one of the six key factors that successful businesses must have to be successful.

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