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7 Key Skills of Business Leadership

Let’s get down to brass tacks – as a small business owner, you are not a “manager” who organises work. You have to be a business leader, who inspires, sets agendas, and creates opportunities.

What you need to successfully grow a business today are leadership skills. You probably started your business as a subject-matter expert with those specialist skills that made you produce your product or services.

But as your business grew, and you took on employees, the role of the small business owner has to shift from “do-er” to “leader,” from specialist subject-matter expert to generalist, and from problem solver to agenda setter. You need to create strategies that find opportunities, and the transition is not easy for people who became specialists and subject-matter experts by working for someone else.

So, what are the key skills you need to be a business leader?

I believe you need to develop 7 key skills:

  1. The skill of empowering people
  2. The skill of asking the right questions at the right times
  3. The skill of listening to new ideas
  4. The skill of finding balance
  5. The skill of diplomacy
  6. The skill involved in possessing emotional intelligence
  7. The skill of knowing what sustains your business

Let’s deep dive into these 7 key skills.





As I said at the start, being a small business owner – no matter how small – is about leading the business, not just managing it. Think, as you grow, you can always employ managers – but you cannot employ someone who creates business opportunity and envisions new strategies to continue growing your business, or who can inspire and motivate others.

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