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The Value Of Having A Marketing Plan

I have designed an online training course – in the form of a real-time workshop – about how to prepare a Marketing Plan for your business.

I created that course because I’m really passionate about showing small business owners how easy it is to professionally market your business in accordance with an actionable plan that they can write themselves.

In my 35 plus years of experience working with small businesses, I have found that less than 10% have a Marketing Plan. Yet, of those that do, well over 75% have met their marketing objectives and growth targets.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, I know what’s stopping you.

You will have one of these reasons or a variation on them:

  1. You think you don’t have the skills to write a good Marketing Plan;
  2. You don’t think you have the time to write a Marketing Plan;
  3. You think it would be too expensive; or
  4. You don’t know how you could implement one once it has been written.

Let me tell you these reasons stopping you from writing your own Marketing Plan are myths, but first watch this video lesson to see why you absolutely must have a Marketing Plan.



Do you think you don’t have the skills?

Who knows your business better than you? If you were able to bring your detailed inside knowledge of your own business to my simple step by step formula and almost paint by numbers, why couldn’t you do it?

You don’t have the time?

My workshop takes about half a day for each step. You can complete your business plan over a few days, or spread it out over 4 to 6 weeks while spending half a day a week. And besides, can’t you find time to grow your sales?

Do you think it might cost a lot?

How does $597 sound? Since I have been able to leverage the internet to provide this training, I’ve been able to provide you with $10,000 worth of consulting time for $597. Still think it’s expensive?

You’re not sure you have the skill to implement the plan?

My course ends with a module on implementing the plan, following detailed action plans and setting up systems to monitor and evaluate as you implement. You will have a step by step process to implement your plan.

Without a Marketing Plan, your business can still grow organically. But grass also grows organically.

If you want to know more about how to prepare your own marketing plan, you can get some free training here. Or my previous two-party blog post takes you into more detail about the 7 steps to take here in part 1 and here in part 2.

But if you want to dive in and create your own fully detailed Marketing Plan, check my online training and workshop here.


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