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Learn From My Mistakes!
7 Keys To Be A Leader In Your Business
Begin With The End In Mind
How To Do The Things You Don’t Enjoy!
10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 3

Learn From My Mistakes!

If you’ve been following my posts and articles, I hope you’ll agree that I always give you as much value as I can – for free – with great ideas and systems to grow your business.

These systems and processes that I write about and teach you in my videos are systems used by me to help hundreds of clients over the last 30 to 35 years. My clients have used them to grow successful businesses, and I have systematised them all into easy to follow steps, keys, and training products to help more people.

I used them myself to grow my own successful businesses, and my current million dollar consulting business.

So, I know my advice and ideas work!

But this week, I want to share my mistakes.

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7 Keys To Be A Leader In Your Business

I hope your business is growing well. I don’t know when you started your business, but if it is growing well, and perhaps on the way you envisaged, you will have hit that stage where you are no longer the do-er.

When you first started, like me, you probably did everything. Nothing was beneath you, not even cleaning the office!

But as your business grew, and you hired staff, and the number of staff grew, doing everything yourself was no longer feasible. Your role changed, from being that specialist expert in your trade to being a generalist having to know a bit about everything in the running of the business – despite the fact that you just couldn’t do it all yourself.

Sound familiar? Guess what? You’ve moved from do-er to leader!

You are no longer expected to solve every problem, but you are expected to set the agenda and leads the way for everyone.

How do you do that? What do you need to do in order to transition? Read More

Begin With The End In Mind

Do you wonder how some people seemingly rack up win after win, complete project after project, apparently unswayed by detail and interruption?

Have you watched these people achieve goal after goal exactly as they set out to do and wondered what their secret was?

It’s because they set out with a very clear objective, and vision of what the end looks like. Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) called it his second habit “Begin with the end in mind.”

If you have a very clear picture of what the end should look like, it resolves so many problems along the way. If you know exactly what you want at the end, the answers to questions about detail like “who should be involved,” or “who do we hire out of these choices,” or “which option is the best” all become clear because you know exactly who you need in your team to put it together because of the skills you need; what type of person to hire to best suit the way it is to be managed at the end; and which option – despite the cost – best meets your objectives most efficiently.

A vision of the end not only sets the goals, but because you are so clear on what it looks like, also establishes the correct process of getting there, because anything that doesn’t or isn’t likely to get you to exactly the right place is out. Read More

How To Do The Things You Don’t Enjoy!

Like me, there are things you have to do that you don’t enjoy.

You know – go on a diet, exercise, that sort of thing. But you know you have to do it, and the consequences are clear, so you do them! I’m sure you have your ways to discipline yourself and to turn the mind from “have to” to “get to do!”

But what about in your business?

Sometimes in your business you have to do things that, not only do you not enjoy, but that you might actually hate to do!

These are situations where you have to cold-call a new customer (I know I hate that); or you have to discipline staff for some inappropriate behaviour; or perhaps even learning new skills. In these situations it’s not about not having the time, or feeling uncomfortable – it’s about actually hating to have to do it! That negativity causes procrastination and delay, you put it off, plans stall, your to-do list piles up, and perhaps your business even suffers.

These are not things that would be nice to do and which you don’t enjoy – these are things you hate doing but you absolutely must do because if you don’t your business really suffers!

How do you do those things in your business? Read More

10 FAQ’s On Marketing – Part 3

Welcome to the final chapter of the series on 10 FAQ’s of marketing.

In the previous two weeks I dealt with the top four FAQ’s on Marketing, and then the next three FAQ’s last week.

This week, I will finish by looking at the last three FAQ’s on marketing, and then take you through the SMART Marketing system of 7 steps to write your own, highly focused, marketing plan.

Let’s start with the last three FAQ’s of marketing.

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