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3 Secrets of Entrepreneurship

This blog post is entitled, “3 Secrets of Entrepreneurship”.

Really? Only three?

Well, yes! These are the top three things you must get right if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. They are the three key strategic issues because everything else comes and cascades from these three secrets. All the work you have to do is to ensure you get these three secrets right. I don’t care what kind of a business you own and operate, whether it sells products or services, whether it’s lifestyle or technical, whether it caters to men or women, whether it’s online or bricks and mortar, whether you’re a solopreneur or you do or intend to hire a huge team.

You have to get these three things right.

So what are these three secrets of entrepreneurship?

Number 1, your product has to be fantastic.

Number 2, you have to have fantastic marketing.

And number 3, you have to have fantastic financial management.

Watch the video that explains how they work and why they are crucial to your success.



You cannot succeed as an entrepreneur if you have a product that’s ho-hum. It’s not the product, it’s what it does for your customers that makes it fantastic. Find that niche. You cannot succeed as a an entrepreneur if you don’t have fantastic marketing – even with a fantastic product. Who’s going to know about it? Fantastic marketing isn’t about advertising or waving a placard, it’s about finding your message that hits your target between the eyes, it’s about carrying your vision through to their hearts.

And finally you can’t be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t have fantastic financial management. You have to make it, sell it, then collect it. If you don’t, no matter how good is your front end, your financial performance will kill you.

So here’s where the fun starts. Get over to my website teikoh.com and comment on this post – what do you think? If you don’t really believe that it boils down to only three things, pose me a question and I’ll show you why everything eventually falls into one of these three “secrets”.

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