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What’s In A Marketing Plan?

I quote this old adage all the time: “Businesses don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.”

So I hope that as you read this, you have been influenced by me yammering on about how you really need to have some planning in your business and have – at least – prepared and are implementing a business plan! Some people have even written to me to tell me that they have even prepared a long-term strategic plan to help them grow.

And yet, most of the time, the small business owners I speak to have not prepared a marketing plan. They don’t really know what a marketing plan will do for them, and what it might contain.

Perhaps small businesses don’t need a long-term strategic plan which maps out in broad terms what they want to achieve in the next 10-plus years. Many small business owners I speak to have already thought about a strategic direction – noting expansion aims, changes to markets, and so on – informally in their head even if they haven’t written it down. However, I contend that every business needs a business plan that provides more detailed step by step strategies over the next 12 to 36 months so that the business owner, as well as their team, know from week to week what they are trying to achieve and hence working towards those goals all the time. Without this – you merely drift. Without stated goals and strategies, your day to day activity becomes a disorganised chaos of reaction and new ideas every day.

The same can be said of a marketing plan.

Every business, no matter the size, needs one.

You cannot grow your business by hoping to get more sales, hoping that more customers will come to you. Being good at what you do and hoping that the word will get out there is not good enough.

Why don’t we start with understanding what is in a marketing plan? This video will take the veil of uncertainty away, and then you can think of preparing one for yourself so that you set your sales goals, and how to get them.



Now that you understand what’s in a marketing plan, think about it: –

  • How much more focused and targeted can you be if you had one?
  • How much more effectively can you show your team the type of customers you really want?
  • How much better can you explain to customers what your product or service does for them?
  • How much more disciplined can you be in setting and working towards sales targets?

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