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Make Your Vision Day-To-Day Reality

In the last few weeks, my blog posts have been about ways to create an “independence” in your business so that you don’t have to make every decision.

The whole philosophy is about creating established rules, structures and procedures in your business – in other words systemising your business – so that everyone knows the main goal you are all working for, and can therefore make decisions based on attaining that main goal. Put into positions where they know exactly what the purpose of their position is, and through a series of policies and procedures knowing exactly what to do and how to do it, they can be effective in making their own decisions while you have the comfort of knowing that they won’t blow up the business.

It’s all about clarity in the systems.

But people have still written to me to ask, how does this make people behave “like you would.”

It’s all about vision-leadership.

It’s a strong vision-leadership, backed by systems that people cannot break if they follow them. The vision shows them why it is to everyone’s benefit that they follow the systems. The systems back up the vision by showing them “the right way.”

The video below and the free downloadable white paper “Make Your Vision A Day-To-Day Reality” explains.




Don’t forget to download the free white paper on how to create your self-running business where everyone pulls towards the same goals here.

In it I will take you through a systems process:

  • Create and share a strong, compelling vision of the future;
  • Systematize everything so that everyone produces the same consistent results that reflect the vision;
  • Communicate as a leader all the time;
  • Design Key Performance Indicators and rewards to align behaviour to the vision;
  • Remove fear of failure – it’s not a failure, it’s a result to be learned from;
  • Fail quickly – realise when it’s not right and learn from it;
  • Choose people for their fit, not their ability because you can teach them skills but you can’t teach them how to fit;
  • Quickly remove people who cause disruption and dysfunction, no matter how skilled they are;
  • Promote based on striving for the vision and values;
  • Link profit to behaviour.

Read about this in more detail by downloading our free white paper “Make Your Vision A Day-To-Day Reality”.

Once you’ve read the white paper, why don’t you come back to teikoh.com and write any comments you might have about your own journey – where are you now in your dream to create your own self-running business?

While there, check out my online training course called “Creating The Self-Running Business.”

See you soon!

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