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Why You Need A Marketing Plan

I’m really excited about the SMART Marketing Plan program I’m launching here.

In the series of videos I’m releasing over these weeks I’m dealing with different aspects of my SMART Marketing Plan system.

This week I’m going to talk to you about why you need a marketing plan. Without one, all you are doing is stabbing in the dark – you are going tactical firing off wide shotgun blasts and hoping to hit something. A Marketing Plan gives you focus so that you strategically create a campaign to target only your ideal customers, and entice them with messages appropriate to whether they are ready to buy, or just interested.

In this video, learn about focusing on what you sell, focusing on who you want to sell to, and considering the right marketing messages for your marketing activities.

The SMART Marketing online video training and virtual workshop program is based on the SMART Marketing system that I created by synthesising all the learning and practical experience I gained from 35 years of consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the world. I have used it, hundreds of my clients have used it over the years, to great effect. I have written a book about the system called “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps for More Sales” available from Amazon, and it is based on 7 easy steps that anyone can follow.

The SMART Marketing online video training and virtual workshop program takes it to the next level! I have designed it so that you can work through each of the 7 steps and take immediate action between training modules. It is created as if I were facilitating a workshop for you one on one, going through each step with you in workshops (I call them funshops!) and completing worksheets as we progress. I really urge you to find out more by clicking here, AND getting free bonuses just for registering your interest!

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