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Product Features and Benefits, and Customer Needs

My book “SMART Marketing – 7 Steps To More Sales” has been on sale on Amazon and elsewhere for a year now. I have also created a 5 week online training and virtual workshop program called “SMART Marketing Planning”, and to celebrate I’m going to take the next few weeks to talk about aspects of marketing your products and services.

In this first video, I’m talking about your product’s or service’s features and benefits, and your customer’s needs.

This is the key to marketing and is a cornerstone of my SMART Marketing Plan system. Too often we read or see or hear people talking about the features of their products. Features are what your product or service is made of or the way it is designed, while benefits are the way those features benefit the customer.

Remember people don’t buy features – they are interested by benefits, and they only buy if those benefits meet their needs.

I created the SMART Marketing Plan system by synthesising my 35 years of learning and practical experience spent consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK, the US, Asia and Australia. Why read hundreds of books and try hundreds of ideas to see if they work when I have done it for you?

I wrote about the SMART Marketing system in my book “SMART Marketing – 7 Easy Steps to More Sales” that is available from Amazon now. The SMART Marketing system is based on taking 7 easy steps to create a strategic and highly focused marketing campaign to hit your target market – rather than a wild tactical shotgun blast of marketing activity in the hope you might interest someone passing by!

The online program I created is:-

  • an online video training and virtual workshop program, so easy to follow and practical;

  • designed to be taken over 5 weeks during which you learn about each step and take the week to take immediate action;

  • set out like a workshop – I stand in front of you and walk you through the workshops and worksheets to create results as if we were talking one on one;

  • with your individual password, available to you forever so you can go back to it at anytime;

  • and very affordable for the long term value that you will get.

Click here to get more details and register your interest – AND get free mini-training freebies in the meantime while you consider your options!


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