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The Value Of Having A Marketing Plan
What Are Your Actually Selling?
How To Network
Make Sure Your Sales Prospects “Hear” You
Are You Trying To Reach Too Many Customers?

The Value Of Having A Marketing Plan

I have designed an online training course – in the form of a real-time workshop – about how to prepare a Marketing Plan for your business.

I created that course because I’m really passionate about showing small business owners how easy it is to professionally market your business in accordance with an actionable plan that they can write themselves.

In my 35 plus years of experience working with small businesses, I have found that less than 10% have a Marketing Plan. Yet, of those that do, well over 75% have met their marketing objectives and growth targets.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, I know what’s stopping you.

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What Are Your Actually Selling?

Can I just tell you that you are not selling what you think you are selling?

I can hear the umbrage you are taking right now!

“OK Teik, I’ve listened to your fancy ideas so far, and some of them have been really useful, others have been interesting, but now you’ve gone too far! What do you mean I’m not selling what I think I’m selling! I know exactly what I’m selling, I’ve been selling ‘X’ for years!”

Let’s take a breath, I’m not trying to insult your intelligence. Rather I’m challenging your perspective!

Let’s try this – quickly write down what you are selling.

Write it down before you read on and watch the video.

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How To Network

Whatever type of business you are in today, networking is a skill you must develop.

Yup, sorry – for all the shrinking violets out there (and I count myself as one) there is no avoiding the need to meet new contacts. Even if you run an entirely online business and you think that all you have to do is to market through Facebook or some other social media, you will still find that you need to move around people, whether you are marketing at a live event and then meeting people afterwards or if you are meeting people via the screen.

As for any bricks and mortar business, whether you are in retail, hospitality, professional services, construction or anything else – in order to expand the pool of people you can market to, in order to attract that top level of interest that you can introduce into your sales funnel and qualify and attract to your business, you will need to network in some form or other.

However, as a self-declared introvert, I can tell you the good news is that networking is a learned art. You don’t need a large personality – you just need a system.

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Make Sure Your Sales Prospects “Hear” You

I was recently reminded that people take in information in different ways.

This has a critical impact on sales conversations you are having with sales prospects.

Have you ever been in a position where you have been trying to explain to a sales prospect how your service or product could really help them, laying out all the benefits in the way you should – and their eyes glaze over? If you have, you will know that sinking feeling that you are losing them, no matter how well you prepared your pitch, nor how well you got on with them and how you warmed them up at the beginning.

The fact that people have different preferences on how they receive information is crucial to whether or not they “hear” what you are telling them, so what can you do to make sure you give them information in the way they want it? Read More

Are You Trying To Reach Too Many Customers?

There is a very important marketing principle – “Sell to everyone and you sell to no-one.”

What this means is that if you try to appeal too broadly to all types of customers, the customers who you really want, those who actually need your specific product, get lost in the noise.

Imagine if you are in the market for a product, let’s say you are a lawyer trying to find a software app to organise who works on what cases. If I wrote you a marketing email that said I had a project management app, would you be interested? What if I wrote to you and said that I had an app specially designed for lawyers and it matched the milestones for each case to specific lawyers? Which of those two letters would you follow up first?

What this marketing principle means is that you must get to know your exact target market, and your marketing tools, from website to language to logo must be measured by that specific target market. Will the corporate colours appeal to the target market? Is your messaging specific to their needs and problems?

But sometimes that market is so crowded that it is difficult to define your differentiation. The legal space is like this. So might the accounting industry or even car repair workshops. How do you drill down so that you suit a specific target market when everyone else is gunning for that market? Read More

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