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Why You Need Systems

Most people start their business to obtain financial abundance, to finding fulfilment in doing good things for their customers, but ultimately to find freedom and lifestyle.

Yet for many, they find that freedom and lifestyle elusive! They find themselves tied to their business, unable even to have a decent holiday when they are not constantly reading email or checking their phones. At work, they start their day checking messages, telling people what to do about all kinds of minutiae, constantly re-training replacement staff, repeating the obvious and then ending up late at night going over the books. Even when they find the income to hire staff, they find themselves constantly telling them what to do or checking their work or correcting their work.

Most business owners work hard – but they work hard on the wrong things. As business owners, we need to identify what really matters – what builds the business. Systems allow us to do this.

You will not achieve your dreams by making more burgers if you are a restaurant, or fixing more cars if you are a mechanic, or filling in more tax returns if you are an accountant, or stocking more shelves if you are a grocer.

In order to achieve your dreams of freedom and lifestyle, you need scalable, repeatable systems that are used in your business to create consistency, predictability, measurements and automation.

In this video, I take you through why you need systems in your business and what they do for your business.




One of the most important things systems do for your business, is they give your business an innate value.

Systems create the “goodwill” that is valuable and can be sold. Imagine if you were selling your business or passing it on. Which would be a better business? One that works like a clock – a turnkey business that anyone can walk into and obtain the same outcomes and profits that you did; or a business where processes and operations are made up day by day and where the information is retained in your head and difficult to pass on?

Systems make your business sellable!

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