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Organise Your Staff Before You Have Any!

All small businesses start in a very similar way, and I’ll bet you can relate to this story.

So, Joe and Joan start their small business just by themselves. They did most things jointly – did the sales, ordered stock, stuffed the shelves, wrote parts of their website, kept the books, opened every morning and closed every evening. Then they hired a store helper, Sue. She was really keen and helpful, she mucked in and helped to do everything as well. But things were starting to get missed because they got confused about who was going to do what.

Then, one day, they ran out of stock.

“I thought you were going to do that?” asked Joe of Sue.

“No, I was busy that day, but Joan heard we needed to do it so I thought she was going to.”

“Oh no,” Joan says, “Joe always does that on Thursdays.”

Growing small businesses grow organically. They hire staff as and when they need them. But unless you get organised, things could fall between the cracks no matter how helpful and willing everyone is. Organisation means you know exactly who does what, how they do it and when, and who does it as a temporary replacement under certain, set, circumstances.

That way, there is no confusion.

Watch this video on how to organise your staff before you even have any.

That makes sense doesn’t it? Organise your business so it doesn’t fall into confusion by designing it from the start.

Draw up your “Organisation Chart” or picture of the positions (not persons) who will end up in the business when it is fully grown. Design the units or departments, or just areas of responsibility such as sales and marketing, books and administration, stocks and warehouse. Prepare Job Descriptions for each of the positions noting specifically what they are responsible for, how they are to be measured, and who they report to.

Like most small businesses, even with this Organisation Chart, you the owner will start off doing everything. Take that opportunity to write down procedures for all the tasks each position has to be responsible for.

Then, as you expand and hire people, you have ready a Job Description and a tested routine that you can just hand over.

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