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Plan On A Page

It’s late January – are you still keeping track of your New Year’s Resolutions?

Making resolutions is great. Making resolution sets goals, and if you are clear about your goals they become possible. But in order to make those goals real, you need plans. Once you have plans, you need to work on them – every day!

It’s the same for your business. Set your goals, make your plans – then, how do you keep them front of mind before you get lost in all the little things you have to do?

I summarise my plans into a Plan On A Page and keep it in front of me every day. Watch this video to see how I do that.



Here it is again:-

  1. Draw up three columns;
  2. Call the first column “Goals”
  3. Call the second column “Strategies”
  4. Call the third column “Key Actions”
  5. Populate each column
  6. Keep it where you can see it every day
  7. At the beginning of every week, put into your calendar the Key Actions from column 3 that you will action that week;
  8. At the beginning of every day make an appointment with yourself to action some tasks;
  9. At the end of every month review what you have done, what you still need to do, what you may have to change.

Remember – set goals, plan, then implement. Simple formula for success!

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