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Contents of a Business Plan

People often ask me “what should I put into my Business Plan?”

I thought I’d deal with that this week and talk about the contents of a Business Plan.

This video is part of my online course “How To Start Your Own Business”.

If you are a startup entrepreneur, or someone who is good at what you do and while working for someone else you think that you can “do it better” it’s useful to understands the steps you have to take in starting your own business.

Of course, once you have worked out your personal strengths and weaknesses, tested the feasibility of your idea and designed the right business model for you, you will need to prepare a Business Plan. Your Business Plan clarifies for you what you have to do to get to your ultimate goal, and it shows others (financiers, supporters) how you have thought through the business-building process.



If you are interested in finding our more about my online course “How To Start Your Own Business” click here.

Even if you already have a business, I think you will find a couple of nuggets there that you can use, like how to design the right Business Model for you, and the questions you ask before you choose your accountant, lawyer or IT professional.

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