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The New Way of Working

teik-oh-side1Once upon a time (I’m a Baby-Boomer) when my boss said jump I asked “how high”. This just isn’t true anymore. With Gen X and Gen Y you need to really engage your workforce – and if you do, you will reap the effective and optimal performance that comes from an engaged and motivated workforce.

So what is “engagement”? It’s not just about liking where you work, it’s about being invested in the time you spend there, believing so much in the value of what you do that you provide discretionary effort – in other words, you jump before you are asked because you see that it is needed. Engagement is about making people believe that the business’ success helps them, helps others, and is worthwhile, and that its success is their success.

This week’s video lays out this “new” way of working.


So how do you engage people?

Try these ideas:-

  1. Make them “partners” in your projects – encourage them to take ownership and give them the authority to influence decisions and take the rough with the smooth;
  2. Be open with people – make sure they understand the big picture as well as the details of what is involved;
  3. Regularly provide feedback on performance, particularly from the point of view of outcomes for the team – people don’t feel good about letting others down;
  4. Be honest, and make sure that you deliver what you promise – employers need to be credible or why would they trust you?
  5. Be open to new ideas – listen and discuss, if you don’t think it will work explain exactly why and allow them to try to prove you wrong.

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  • These ideas seem to be commonly applied to in today’s working world.
    Having Gen-X and Gen-Y in a workforce makes it quite challenging as these 2 generations exhibit different way of working hence different style of management.

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