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7 Steps to develop a high-performing Team in your Business

teik-oh-standing-leftTeamwork is essential in any business, no matter how big or small.

Even if your team were only two people, teamwork is important in co-ordinating your roles, ensuring you support each other in multi-disciplinary skills, and operating at an optimal level.

Teamwork is not just about being friendly with your co-workers, it is a very disciplined approach to working effectively together. Businesses need to develop real teamwork in a disciplined and structured way.

From my experience businesses, and especially small businesses, can best work on their staff to create a high-performance team by following the 7 steps of the “PERFORM” model. It is a simple set of steps where you work in a disciplined way on each of the characteristics of a high-performing team, layering one characteristic on another and building up optimum performance.

Watch this video and you will learn about the 7 Steps to Develop Teamwork in your Business and how to implement these 7 steps, no matter what size business you have.

If you implement the PERFORM model in a disciplined way, you will see significant improvements in how your team “perform”. It needs to be implemented in stages:-

  1. Purpose – create a common sense of purpose by creating a powerful and aspirational vision and communicate it to your team;
  2. Empowerment – provide empowerment to team members, remove structural barriers that stop people from making decisions and taking initiative, learn the difference between a “mistake” and an opportunity to learn and improve;
  3. Relationships and Communication – create places and opportunities for people to understand how they fit into the team and their contribution towards the vision, build trust and ensure open and honest communication;
  4. Flexibility – allow the team and the individuals within it to work flexibly, what gets you to the goal should be attempted, share skills despite the barriers of job descriptions;
  5. Optimal Performance – encourage efficiency and effectiveness, examine all procedures and policies and structures that impose barriers against efficiency and effective working;
  6. Recognition and Appreciation – forget about the annual review! Instigate constant and immediate feedback, create opportunities to praise people and provide small rewards that add up to big appreciation;
  7. Morale – encourage the building of a strong morale system, allow the team to share successes and celebrate them as a group.

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