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Quality Time At Work

Ever gone home and thought: “what the #@%*& have I done all day?”

When you are running a business, it seems your day is not under your control. Customers need your attention, your team asks for your approval, suppliers email with problems, you open the mail and your bank account looks wrong. What do you do to get control back?

Getting quality time at work is really about focus, and a little bit of discipline. Getting control is about remembering that while you may not be in control of what happens on a day to day basis, in the sense that the results of any actions could go one way or another, you are certainly in control of what you do about it.

So, I have five systems you can implement in order to get that quality time at work, and I have created a downloadable infographic, and this video to show you how to put the system into place.



Remember to understand the difference between quality and quantity. Being busy is not being productive.

It’s all about focus – focus on your income targets and ask if what you are doing is helping you get there this week, or even today. Focus on only 1 to 3 critical staks (is what you are doing actually critical?). To help in the focus, tame your email, control interruptions, and do not multi-task.

I have created a free infographic for you to remember these principles. To download the infographic go HERE and enter your email.

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