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Mini-Training: Choose Your Marketing Activities!

This week I’m giving you a free mini-training session on how to choose your most appropriate marketing activities.

Many people think of “advertising” when they think of marketing. But advertising is not the only marketing activity. In fact, in many cases, advertising could be highly inappropriate as a marketing activity in a campaign.

Take for example the case of a professional or consultant. In their case, they find most of their new clients through referrals – previous clients telling friends who to go to. In their type of business, new clients don’t read an ad and say “wow, just the person I’m looking for,” they worry about how the consultant will work with them, whether they have the background and experience. They listen to people they know who have been helped by the consultant. A professional or consultant who chooses advertising of their services will not get value for money.

Sure, advertising has its place – even for the professional or consultant. They could use advertisements in social media to attract people who want to learn about a “how-to” and so gain a lead. But this isn’t advertising their services, it’s letting people get a taste of what the relationship would entail.

This mini-training is about how to choose your most appropriate marketing activities within your marketing campaign.

It is an extract from my online workshop and training course SMART Marketing.

In it you will learn about how different marketing activities either broadcast your business to a targeted audience, or qualify those who then become interested, or convert qualified leads into sales. You will also learn about how at each level, different marketing activities provide your message to that class of lead.

A download is available to accompany this mini-training, and you can download it here.



Combining your marketing activities into a focused campaign is not an art – it’s a science and as a science you can follow pre-determined steps to create your marketing campaign to appeal to your target market. The download gives you over 25 ideas for marketing activities that, using the system you can align to specific customer characteristics, align the message you want to give to them, and either raise awareness, generate interest, drive traffic, or retain customers.

If you want to know more about the full SMART Marketing online workshop and training course on how to create your own SMART Marketing Plan, learn more by clicking on this link.

The download reading and worksheet to accompany this week’s mini-training is available HERE.

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