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From Vision To Strategy

Last week I gave you a system to make your vision statement come alive and become a day-to-day measure of what you do, what decisions you make, and where you go from the now to the future.

If you haven’t seen that lesson on how to make your vision real, then go back to teikoh.com and search for the article and video lesson published on 29th January 2019. Go now, then come back here!

In that lesson, I talked about the four perspectives by which you should define your vision, making it real by describing exactly what your business will be like from these four perspectives, and therefore using them as measures on achieving your vision as well as guides on your day to day behaviours and decisions. Now, let’s dive deep into those four perspectives to see how you should use them to define where you want to go and how to get there.

Using the four perspectives, you look at your vision for the future and describe what that vision means or looks like from the point of view of:

  • the customers;
  • your people;
  • your finances; and
  • your key business systems.

This video lesson takes you into the detail of how you develop these four perspectives of your future state and how you use them to measure your progress toward that future.




Remember these four questions to start the discussion:

  1. When I have attained my vision, what will my customers say about my business?
  2. When I have attained my vision, what will my people do and say about their work in the business?
  3. When I have attained my vision, what will my financial position look like?
  4. When I have attained my vision, what key business processes will I excel at?

In answering and defining how your future business looks like, this will lead you to create strategies to get to that future in terms of customer management, marketing, product offering, staff systems, rewards and training, staff choices, finances and investment, and systems and procedures.

Not only that, they set up the measures by which you can gauge if you are getting nearer to your vision, and the definitions guide you in the choices you need to make to attain your vision.

Don’t take my word for it! Take an hour and sit down quietly and answer each of those four questions. List down the main points that describe your vision from each of those four perspectives, and then come back here and leave a comment about what you found.

Did it clarify for you exactly what it is you are trying to achieve?

Are you able to set up strategies and measurements about your progress that you can use from here on?

This is the good part of this exercise where you can try it out and let me know how you got on and I will reply to your comments to give you more tips and advice about pursuing your vision. Have fun!

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