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Do Your Team Members Have Their Individual Objectives?

Do your employees have written Job Descriptions?

No? Okay, let’s slide past that one quickly!

I can’t tell you how important it is for effective teamwork that everyone has a Job Description that helps them do their job, and fit into the team working together to meet the business objectives.

After this week’s video I hope you will now prepare individual Job Descriptions, but even if you do have written Job Descriptions for all your team members right now, does it include a clear objective for their role that fits into the overall objectives of the business?

A properly written out Job Description avoids people forgetting their duties and helps them to accept the responsibilities of their position.

It does not reduce teamwork where everyone does their own jobs and forgets about everyone else – far from it. A properly written Job Description not only describes what they do individually, what their responsibilities are for getting it done, but it also shows them how what they do fits into what everyone else is doing and what everyone should be trying to achieve together.

Having a properly written Job Description for every position avoids having to spend the same amount of time over and over again re-training a new employee. It avoids confusion when someone is on holidays or is off sick because someone else can understand the missing team members’ role and responsibilities and fill in the gap. It avoids “responsibility-creep” where people help out but over time their job and the job of the person they helped changes over time so that the teamwork actually becomes inefficient.

In the video lesson this week, we go into why you should have Job Descriptions, and what should be in them.




In summary, this is what should be contained in each Job Description for each position: –

  1. Job Title
  2. Who they report to
  3. Who they are responsible for or who reports to them
  4. The position’s objective (and how this helps in the business objectives)
  5. Their daily duties
  6. Their responsibilities within those daily duties
  7. If appropriate, measures of their effectiveness in meeting their responsibilities and objective

So here’s my challenge to you for this week.

Start with one position and write that position’s Job Description. Then, take another position.

Within these 7 days, write down Job Descriptions for all (or most if you have a huge team!) your team members and then discuss with them and make negotiated revisions.

Schedule a review in 30 days’ time to see how they performed and make further revisions as appropriate, then schedule another review in three months, then in 6 months then annually.

Over time, and with practice, you will find that the Job Descriptions clarify everyone’s roles and remove frustration and confusion. They will form the basis of an effective team working together to meet the business objectives.

When you’ve tried it out, get back to the website and to this article and leave your comments. I’d love to hear how you got on and answer any questions you may have.

See you there!

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