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What Type Of Business Plan Do You Need To Grow Your Business?

A well-written, actionable business plan defines exactly what you want your successful business to look like and be like.

A good business plan examines where you are now and then takes you through step by step strategies to get you where you want to go.

An excellent business plan sets up systems to ensure you implement and follow through so that your business plan automatically set your priorities and create organisation out of day-to-day chaos.

The question is what type of business plan do you need to grow your business your way?

This week, I explain the different types of business plans, and which one is the best for what you want to plan for.

It’s important that your business plan suits the purpose – that it does the job.

It’s even more important for a small business to write a business plan that you can follow and implement, and not choose a format that is too distant and too high-level or is aimed at the wrong reader.




So out of the different types of business plans:

  • Internal or External;
  • Long-term, Medium-term or Short-term

I recommend that if you are a small business wanting a plan that directs how you should work toward your ultimate “successful” business, you should focus on a business plan intended for internal readership, set goals for the long-term and milestones in the medium-term, but set actions for the short-term.

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Come on and let’s start growing your business, your way!

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