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Are you marketing to your customers’ needs – not yours?

In small business marketing campaigns, I often find that the business talks about them and what their product is all about.

Think about it – whether it’s an advertisement or a brochure, or on their website, the messages are:

“This is how long we’ve been in business”

“This is what we do”

“This is what our product is made of”

But let me ask you – do those messages interest you? More often than not – unless you have already made up your mind you want to buy what they are selling and you are in the stage of researching who to buy it from – those messages don’t interest you.

How much better would it be if they spoke about you?

Stop talking about what your doughnuts are made of; what beans your coffee use; instead, tell them how your tasty doughnuts can satisfy their sweet tooth and how your hot coffee can give their energy a lift.

Wouldn’t you be more interested in what they then had to say? That’s because they spoke about your needs, not what they think you want.

In the video this week I talk about how to find your customers’ true needs – even if they don’t know them themselves!




So, what do you do now?

Make sure that you truly understand who your customer is. What do they like? Where are they from? What do they want out of life?

What are their needs?

Then, examine the messages that you really want to give them – make these messages about their needs, appealing exactly to who they are.

Getting the messages right, understanding your real customer, and defining your product in accordance to their needs it meets is all part of my online marketing course called SMART Marketing. You can find out more about it by clicking this link.

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